10 Things You Have to Know Before Moving to Seattle

Is the Emerald City your next destination? That is great because moving to Seattle is one of the best decisions you could have made. You’ve probably heard that the largest city in the state of Washington and the entire Pacific Northwest is called Emerald City. But we might have to disappoint you – there are no emeralds there except for the lush green forests surrounding it. Sorry for breaking out bad news so early, but don’t worry – we have some encouraging info in store for you. Here are the ten most useful things you should keep in mind before calling Seattle movers to help you with your relocation. 

Although it is known for rain, Emerald City has sunny days and pink clouds, too.

#1 Is It Always Raining in Seattle?

Of course not. But the rain can surprise you anytime. So don’t forget to pack your raincoat and those small convertible umbrellas because you’ll need them. It’s usually a light rain – a very misty, foggy drizzle, and it happens on 150 days per year on average. You will quickly realize that locals do not even bother using umbrellas every time.

#2 Seattle Is Winning at Environmental Sustainability

If you tend to live eco-friendly and take care of the environment, you couldn’t have picked a better place. Seattle recycles around 60% of its waste, and in 2017, they banned plastic bags in grocery stores. They also kicked out plastic straws from restaurants and bars, and composting has been mandatory since 2015 within city limits.

#3 Sleepless in Seattle Is Not a Popular Reference

If you think that using replies and constantly referring to the popular movie is funny, it really isn’t, especially to locals, because they’ve heard it hundreds of times. And what’s even worse than that? Wearing a t-shirt with the movie title. Although you will find them at touristy spots and shops, just don’t wear them if you plan on becoming a true Seattleite.

#4 Don’t Daydream About Living in a House on the Water

Many Americans think that living in a houseboat is a normal thing here. Blame Tom Hanks and the abovementioned movie for that. But the thing is, there are not many houseboats in Emerald City. And those few boathouses are tiny and so expensive that it is not an investment we recommend. Even Tom Hanks sold his. 

#5 Embrace the Outdoorsy Lifestyle

Seattleites love spending time outdoors and living an active life. You can always spot someone biking, kayaking, running, skiing, etc. Besides local parks, there is a national forest, national parks, Mount Rainier, industrial Gas Work Park, Lake Union, etc.

#6 Late Night Foodies Can Always Try Something New

Any Seattleite will laugh at the mention of In-N-Out or any other fast food place because Dick’s Drive-In is their favorite burger spot. And you can’t convince them there’s anything better out there. At Dick’s, they don’t accept cash, and on weekends after midnight, there are long waiting lines.

#7 Reading Street Names Is Harder Than It Seems

As if being a newcomer is not hard enough, the city of Seattle has a pretty curious way of writing street names. Expect to get lost more often than you’d like. So, for example, if you see the direction before the street name, you are in the east-west direction. If the street name goes first, then you are in a north-south direction.

#8 The Emerald City Is Running on Coffee

Locals here take their coffee pretty seriously. Although this is the home of Starbucks, and they have a store on every corner, locals prefer their local coffee shops like Espresso Vivace, All City Coffee, Ballard Coffee Works, and similar smaller cafes. If you are into coffee, don’t limit yourself to Starbucks because here, they know how to make excellent coffee and hold it in high regard.

#9 The Cost of Living in the Emerald City

Although there are no emeralds, sometimes it feels like you’re paying like there are. Rents are somewhat high, especially for one-bedroom apartments downtown. If you’re relocating for a job, then your employer can help you find affordable housing. Some of the more affordable neighborhoods are Magnolia, Madrona, North Admiral, and Bryant. If money is not an issue, set your sights on Ballard, Capitol Hill or Queen Anne District.

#10 A Competitive Job Market 

Companies like Amazon, Microsoft, Starbucks, and many others have their headquarters right here in the Emerald City. The unemployment rate at around 3% is lower than the national average, so there are good chances of finding a well-paid job after you relocate and settle in Seattle. 

Seattle Is More Than Happy to Welcome You

How does drinking coffee in a warm and cozy cafe by the window while it’s raining outside sound like? This picture-perfect scenario can become your reality if you relocate here. We hope this information helped you get a better picture of your future city because it is a great place to live in and it offers something for everyone. Now you can start packing your boxes or rely on professional moving services to handle everything while you’re searching for the best cup of coffee.