11 Sympathy Gift Ideas You Can Send To Your Grieving Family Or Friends

Sympathy gifts are a great way to tell someone that you are there for them in times of loss. If someone you love has recently lost someone they love, then note that each individual’s experience may be different. It’s important to be patient and ready to lend a helping hand. Nonetheless, sympathy gifts are a great way to show them that you care.


Windchimes as sympathy gifts are very common. In fact, there are those who even order custom windchimes with an engraved quote or saying from their departed loved ones or people they look up to.

Keepsake boxes

When it comes to treasuring memories, what better gift can you give than a keepsake box. This is a great reminder to let everyone know that life is short and should be filled with beautiful memories with your loved ones.

Key chains

There’s nothing sweeter than having been reminded during the middle of the day of a memory that you and your loved one have shared. With custom key chains, you can add a photo or any memento that would remind you of your dearly departed.

Memorial candles

Memorial candles can be very versatile. You can hand them out at the funeral or you can even order a custom ceramic urn with a candle holder.

Memorial jewelry

Another common example of a sympathy gift would be memorial jewelry. Again, there are several online shops that offer their services in customizing a piece of jewelry to highlight certain designs that will remind you of a dearly departed.

Memorial lanterns

If you have a grieving friend who needs a little cheering up or at least someone who needs to be reminded that life is still full of light and love, despite the existence of death, then memorial lanterns can be a good place to start.


Lightboxes and keepsake boxes are great sympathy gifts. It’s unique and very personal. You can store it with items that remind you of your departed loved ones.

Photo albums

Speaking of reminiscing, photo albums are very common sympathy gifts. It sends the message that just because someone is gone doesn’t mean that the people who loved them will forget about them.

Picture frames

If you’re looking for alternative sympathy gifts to photo albums, then you can always opt to purchase picture frames as well.

Car decals

Car decals are an uncommon gift idea, but they can be very useful, especially if you’re looking for a gift at the last minute. Several online stores offer custom car decals, and you can personalize it with a quote that the receiver really likes.

Other memorial ornaments

If you’re still brainstorming at the last minute any sympathy gifts to give to a grieving friend, then you’d be happy to know that a simple memorial ornament can go a long way.

The same concept applies to gift-buying. It’s always going to be the thought that counts, which is why it’s highly recommended to seek gifts that are customized or personalized.