2 Oily Skin Remedies That Will Help You Reduce Skin Oils

Without a doubt, oily skin is a common problem many people face everyday. Other than acne, oily skin is probably the most common skin care problem in the world.

The cause of oily skin can vary from person to person. According to https://oilyskingroup.com, the most common oily skin cause can be attributed to genetics. Your genes play a major role in how bad your skin releases excess sebum from the sebaceous glands.

If your father or mother has oily skin problems don’t be surprised if you find yourself with the same problems.

To make matters even worse, when you experience excessive oil production on your skin it can lead to other skin problems like acne. If you want to get rid of oily skin and pimples check out some of these easy to use home remedies below.

The Best Home Remedies for Oily Skin

It’s no secret that over the counter treatments for oily skin either don’t work the way they should or they actually make the problem even worse than it was before.

Check out 2 of the best oily skin remedies that have been proven to work so that you can keep the excess oil from your skin under control.

Oily Skin Care Routine

The first step in treating your oily skin naturally at home is to focus on your skin care routine. The type of facial wash you use, the type of moisturizer you apply, and the frequency you apply each skin care product matters in this case.

For example, when you are an oily skin type you can’t use just any facial wash you see. You have to go for non-comedogenic and lightweight facial washes that will keep your face clean without triggering an overproduction of skin oil from your sebaceous glands.

The best type of facial wash to use for oily skin will contain certain ingredients like green clays, astringent properties, and salicylic acid to help absorb excess oil while cleansing your face.

The type of moisturizer you use in your skin care routine for oily skin definitely plays a huge role. You want to use a lightweight moisturizer that is alcohol-free. Gel based moisturizers are usually best for oily skin.

There are also natural moisturizers for oily skin you can use that will give you great results. One of the best natural moisturizers you can use to get rid of oily skin is jojoba oil.

This plant-based oil will help decrease sebum production in your skin when you apply it. While keeping the oil production in your skin under control it will go to work keeping your skin feeling hydrated and locking in moisture.

If you decide to use jojoba oil for oily skin make sure you get 100% pure jojoba oil that doesn’t contain any additives.

Diet and Lifestyle Changes

Other than using a natural skin care routine, the best home remedy for oily skin is to make some changes in your diet and lifestyle.

When you eat the right foods you can expect your skin to act right. Some of the best foods to eat regularly to improve your oily skin include:

Cucumbers – Cucumbers are one of the best oily skin remedies because it has a cooling effect when you eat it that will help neutralize the effects of an overactive sebaceous gland.

Moreover, you can also use cucumbers on your skin to get rid of oily skin effectively. To make a cucumber mask to traet oily skin you’ll need to:

Puree half of an unpeeled cucumber in a blender.

Next separate the juice from the pureed pieces of the cucumber by using a strainer.

Now add a little aloe vera or jojoba oil to the cucumber juice and mix it up.

Apply this cucumber mask directly to your face to immediately begin reducing the oil on your skin.

Another thing you can eat more of in your diet are oranges. When you eat oranges the vitamin C they contain will help flush the excess oil from your body.

Finally, if you want to remove oily skin naturally with your diet start drinking more water each day. When you drink enough water you’ll find your face won’t have to produce excess skin oil to keep your face protected.


These are 2 of the best oily skin remedies you can begin using today to get rid of excess oil on your skin. Start using practicing these 2 remedies everyday to get the results you’re looking for.