2019 Best Console Gaming Setup: Gaming Headset, Controllers and More

Gaming has become one of the most popular and lucrative forms of entertainment in modern society. From the production of 3A games to increased attention in E-sports, the gaming industry is taking over the world.

I am a big fan of gaming on consoles, particularly on a PS4 because of its massive range of exclusives like “God of War” and “Horizon Zero Dawn”. To enhance my gaming experience on this platform, I built a setup that can increase the overall immersion and comfortability. Let’s look at what products are included in this great setup.

Sony PS4 Pro/Microsoft Xbox One X

As a core product of the whole setting, high-end consoles are must-have hardware for maximising your performance. Either a PS4 Pro or an Xbox One X is excellent, your decision comes down to the exclusivity of certain games. In this generation, Sony has a more unique advantage in games than Microsoft, but Xbox has the best specifications and runs third-party games in a much smoother way. Therefore, if PS4 gaming line up is not appealing enough to you, Microsoft is definitely your choice.

Although rumour has been told that the next generation will come out in two years, the price of the current mainstream consoles is appealing enough. Investing in one will certainly bring you infinite joy during your leisure time.

SOMiC Gaming headset

Audio is a crucial aspect in creating an immersive experience when gaming. A quality and yet affordable gaming headset will be the most suitable option for this purpose.

The SOMiC GS951s Purple and the G805 have a built-in virtual surrounding sound system that can produce more realistic game sounds, capture directional sounds and movements much closer to real life. Another great function is their removable mic, which is useful when I play “Monster Hunter World” and chill with my friends. Furthermore, grinding for the best drops in games requires hours of playtime; this gaming headset provides feather-like comfort and wearing it for a few hours was like nothing. There is a minor benefit on playing games with a headset than using a speaker which people should appreciate. You can raise the volume as high as you want, but the sound will never bother others; you are totally in your zone.

Overall, a gaming headset has some prominent benefits over regular headphones. I used the Sony WH-1000MX2 for daily music listening and for watching videos, but the overall experience in gaming is unmatchable for SOMiC’s gaming headset. A quality headset like this is certainly worth your money.

Console gaming monitor/TV

Seeing crispy and high-definition images is the most critical aspect of a monitor or a TV for gaming. There are millions of choices on the market, but first, you need to decide whether you want to get a TV or a monitor.

The rule is relatively simple. If you enjoy playing games on a big screen on your couch and want to have a decent built-in speaker, then TV should definitely be your choice. On the other hand, if you want it to be used with your PC and console, as well as flexibility and mobility are what your desire more, a proper gaming monitor suits you the most.

Since the current generation of console supports both 4K and HDR, therefore your TV or monitor must be compatible with these two features. The best overall TV would be the SONY X900F, and for the monitor, it would be the LG 27UK850-W. Check these out if you are looking for the absolute best graphics.


You cannot ignore the controller when you are gaming on consoles. The retail versions for both PS4 and Xbox One X are good, but if you want to up your game even further, please hear me out.

SCUF, NACON and RAZER all provide excellent third-party controllers that are at least 50% more expensive than regular versions. However, the price does come with massive changes. Firstly, the length of joy-cons and the weight of the consoles can be altered via accessories; therefore it can fit everyone’s palm size and strength. Secondly, there are extra keys on the back, and users can program them to react differently. Lastly, the response time compared to an original controller is massively reduced, meaning that if you are playing online game, the product grants you an instant reaction to each situation.

Accessories that improve the quality of life

Now we have everything essential for a well-rounded console gaming experience, but it can be levelled up further with some accessories.

A charging station and an SSD drive are my primary recommendations. You never know when your controllers will run out of power, and a charging dock can ensure they never run out of battery and you can play the game for as long as you wish. Regarding the SSD drive, it helps reduce the loading time significantly and indirectly allows you to play more. Overall, these are the accessories you should consider first and on which you should never waste your money picking up random ones.


Gaming on consoles has brought me countless fun time over the past decade, and with my experience, I can guarantee these products will increase your overall experience. A proper gaming headset – such as those from SOMiC – provides the most significant changes, and so does a great monitor. Hope you will be having fun in this virtual world, and I will meet you there one day.