3 Things You Can Do To Lift Your Mood

Whether you suffer from depression or from the occasional blue period, a quick mood lift can lead to more energy and drive to do the things you need to for your health and wellness. It is not always as easy as some can make it seem, however, so knowing a couple of tips and tricks to try can give you a backup plan for those days where seemingly nothing works.

Coffee and Tea

Coffee, herbal teas and Sacred Kratom teas are a proven way to get a mood boost first thing in the morning or throughout the day. Sitting with a warm drink can help you meditate, gather your thoughts for a gratitude journal or even give you a quiet minute to watch baby animal videos to further boost your mood.

Call a Friend

Talking to a friend has been shown to lift your mood, especially if that friend is someone you can have an honest conversation with about your mood or is good at distracting you from a slump with unrelated topics. Talking to a therapist can help lift your mood also and you can find online or text chat services for this purpose when friends are not available, or you feel uncomfortable calling them.

Head Outside

Most of the mood lifting advice you can see will tell you to go for a walk, when what it is really saying is that getting out of the house for a minute works wonders. Changing your environment, even if you are just on your porch or grabbing groceries, can act like a reset on your mood by giving you movement and fresh air.

Lifting your mood is not usually an easy thing but having a toolbox full of tips and tricks can help you get started. You can drink coffee or tea, call a friend and head outside for some good vibes, or you can walk to your local coffee shop and meet a friend for lunch to combine all three and have fun.