A public accounting firm in Singapore is crucial to many companies, offering a wide range of services. This article breaks down four of the many duties a public accounting firm can provide, just in case the information proves helpful in the future for your own company.

#1. Corporate Restructuring

Does your business need an overhaul? Sometimes, completely changing the structure of a company is all it needs to save it from failure. Many public accounting firms offer corporate restructuring services, wherein the accountant could help with the financial restructuring. Any need to modify any debts or finances falls to the public accountant.

#2. Financial Accounting

Is there evidence of embezzlement, fraud, or other corruption within the company? Public accounting firms often offer forensic accounting services in Singapore, wherein the accountant investigates embezzlement or fraud by analysing financial information. Your company can use any evidence found by the accountant as evidence to the court.

#3. HR Outsourcing

While companies often have an HR department, you can hire third-party HR outsourcing services in Singapore instead. Companies hire accountants from public accounting firms as third-party to help with payroll and compensation management, recruitment, and hiring.

#4. M&A Advisory

M&A, or mergers and acquisitions, refers to the consolidation of companies through financial transactions and decisions. The most common M&A scenario is when a large-scale company buys out smaller companies and absorbs them and their power. Two companies can also combine by disbanding both and creating a new company under a new name. An accountant can offer M&A advisory in Singapore. Not only can they help you settle your M&A with their advice, but they can also guide you through all of the processes.

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