Every religion has a set of beliefs and guidelines its followers should observe to live according to their church’s teachings. Many non-believers find these ideologies, values, and procedures unusual, but I do not mind following them since they strengthen my faith. I also do not find rituals like Salat, Zakat, or Sertu strange or freaky since I know that performing or observing them helps me become a better Muslim.

I had this thought recently since I hired an Islamic cleansing team to purify my new home before moving in. Admittedly, I thought about not working with them due to budget constraints—but I still pushed through since performing the Islamic cleansing ritual with the help of professionals allowed me to increase my faith and become an exemplary Muslim.

What Is Islamic Cleansing?

Also known as Sertu, Islamic cleansing is a cleaning method and ritual that frees a space or possession from impurities or contamination from non-Halal matter and elements like pigs, boar, dogs, and their derivatives. According to my religion, these animals and every substance that comes from them are the severest impurity followers like me can encounter.

Anyone can perform Sertu. I can perform six wash cycles using pure water and one mixed with soil to eliminate ‘najis mughallazah’ or impurities from dogs, pigs, and their by-products from my new home. However, I chose to work with the experts since I did not have enough time to perform the ritual, and I wished to ensure that the procedure would go smoothly and correctly.

Everything I Considered Before Getting Islamic Cleansing Services

Since Islamic cleansing requires specific techniques and procedures, I tried to hire the best Sertu experts in my neighbourhood to guarantee the ritual’s success. Scroll through to learn about the four things I considered before getting Islamic cleansing services.

1. My Islamic Cleansing Company Options

Like when I searched for someone offering painting services in Singapore a few years ago, I learned about my Sertu expert options before hiring one. I researched their reputation and checked my services to see which suited my needs and preferences.

2. The Islamic Cleansing Company’s Expertise

I looked for an Islamic cleansing professional with proven Sertu expertise since I wanted to hire a team of experts who know what they are doing with my new dwelling. I did not want to work with rookie cleaning professionals who do not understand and value the importance of correctly purifying a home according to Islamic teachings.

3. My Budget For Islamic Cleansing

I searched for a Sertu professional who offers reasonably-priced Islamic cleaning services since I wanted to make the most of my money. Fortunately, I found FixinGuru and their economical Sertu cleaning solutions that guarantee effectiveness without breaking the bank.

4. The Islamic Cleansing Company’s Accessibility

Before getting Islamic cleansing services from any individual or institution, I asked about their contact details. Doing so ensured that I have many ways to reach them when I need their touch up painting, furniture assembly, or door repair solutions.

If you are looking for a capable and reliable Islamic cleansing company, I highly recommend FixinGuru and its economically-priced yet effective services. Check out its website to learn more about its Sertu expertise.