4 Tips for Choosing Top Recruitment Agency in the UK

Recruitment agencies are often considered matchmakers for the workplace. These agencies help different companies and organisations that are in search for hiring professional and talented workers for their seotastic business. They help both the candidates and the organisation to benefit mutually through an efficient selection process.

When an organisation approaches an agency regarding job vacancies and their requirements, the agency’s consultants will get to work to either source out candidates or pick from ones already in mind.

There is plenty of recruitment agencies today, even in the UK alone, but to curb your confusions, here are four useful tips for picking a top agency for your needs.

Vacancy Type

The first step for skimming out agencies is to know what type of vacancy you have and exactly which category of worker you need. This will depend on whether it’s permanent or temporary, average skilled or highly qualified, young or old, etc. Once you have a clear idea of what to expect, it’ll be easier for you to pick out an appropriate agency for your requirements.

Agency type

Now that you’ve figured out your specific requirements, you’ll see that there are different categories of agencies available. There are four fundamental types of agencies:- High Street Agency, Industry specialist, Temp Agency and Executive Search. For example, if your vacancy requires a teacher or someone with a background of teaching capabilities, you can opt for an education agency that specialises in it. Also, note that some agencies are the jack of all trades and can recruit from every field.


The UK has over 30,000 agencies, but not all of it may be worth your time. It’s safe to say that the ones registered in Association of Professional Staffing Companies (APSCo) or Recruitment & Employment Confederation (REC) are often a right choice due to the ethical rules and guidelines they’re bound to which make sure that they offer excellent service.


One of the easiest yet reliable ideas is to do a thorough check on the agencies you’re interested in. Try to look into their client history and achievements, the better the positive remarks, the more likely it is that the agency is reliable and of high ranks. Although it’s not a foolproof method to find a perfect agency, it’s often the most consistent way to have what’s best.