4 Tips How To Help a Grieving Mother Heal From the Death of Her Child



Grief can take on many forms. People grieve differently from one another. When your spouse or close to you just lost a child, you may witness them quietly grieving. It may seem like nothing much is happening, but you know that something dark and big is about to pull her down underwater at any minute. Grief can also take on the form of blame and anger. She may sometimes lash out.

Grief can be apparent and wild, or it can be so calm that it sneaks up on you. What a grieving mother needs is a strong support system. This is not an easy task but a person grieving without the proper support system can crash. You need to be strong for her.

Just be there

Whatever grief may look like, just be there for support. Watch out for signs that your partner or grieving loved one may be spiraling downwards. If she seems calm, it is possible she has chosen the path to self-denial. This won’t last forever as the memory of the lost child creeps up on her. Just try to be there, prepared to listen once she realizes that the loss is real. You yourself may be grieving as well. If you feel like your support is inefficient, you may seek the help of a professional grief counselor.

Keep her healthy

Try to keep her away from things that can destroy her physically. A grieving individual sometimes resorts to self-destruction. Keep her away from alcohol, cigarettes, and other substances that can destroy her body. Give her fruits and vegetables to keep her body and her mind healthy. Let her enjoy therapeutic things like memorial scented candles, memorial chimes, and calming music. Take her to the beach or the mountains where she can recuperate mentally.

Help her remember

Once the stage of self-denial is over, she will miss her child. You can help her remember. Symbolic gifts are helpful, especially if the child was lost at a very young age and there are no photos of him yet. You may give customized memorial lanterns. Lanterns symbolize hope and happiness. While it’s a small item, she can use it as an anchor to be stronger if she relates this memorial item with her dead child.

Help her deal with the world

It is not easy to grieve and watch the world run its usual course. It can feel very lonely when you feel like you are grieving alone. Let her know that you are beside her the whole time and that you are hurting too, although you might not be showing it the same way. Avoid making it seem like you are challenging her grief. Try to express your support and help her out with the usual obligations of her daily life. Help her out with her chores or her work and studies. Make her understand that while grieving is okay, it is also okay to be still happy. Moving on from the loss of someone is natural and okay. However, if she chooses to grieve for a little while longer to honor the death of her child, allow her some space as well.

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