4 Tips to Have a Successful Car Test Drive Experience

You wouldn’t buy a new Ford or any car without test-driving it but some test drivers are limited to just a brief spin around the block. Some buyers don’t even do a test drive.

Getting the most out of your test drive is the best way to avoid any unexpected drive-away mishaps or buyer’s remorse.

Reviews and consumer reports can give you useful information but getting behind the wheel is the best way to figure out if it’s the right car for you.

Take Note of Your Personal Lifestyle

What do you plan on using the vehicle for? Is it just for passenger transportation or are you using it for vacationing on the road? Do you need it for towing, trailering, or hauling items?

Can you store your bikes, sports equipment, and recreational gear? The car will need to work for your lifestyle and be the right size for all the gear you want to haul.

Don’t Cut Corners

Map out a test drive route that will match your daily driving routine and situations that you can experience. This may mean taking the vehicle for a quick drive on the highway. You may even want to schedule a test drive for different driving conditions, such as bad weather.

See how it maneuvers into a parking spot and around obstacles. Scheduling the test drive ahead of time can make it more convenient than just walking into the dealership.

Take into Account the Details

You want to look at all the small details, such as the windshield, widow wipers, dashboard, floor, gear shifting, heating and air conditioning, storage compartments, and both the driver and passenger seats.

Also pay attention to the safety features and make sure the amenities you are going to be getting in your new Ford are what you want. Are you happy with the technology in your car?

Don’t Be Afraid to Ask Questions

Be upfront with any questions and concerns you have and be sure that they are answered to your liking.