5 Benefits of Mobile App Advertising

Mobile marketing and advertising ecosystem is growing from day to day. Research reports shown that marketing organizations have started spending 22% of their budget on mobile marketing. Well, do you know what are the main benefits/ advantages of mobile app advertising. You can find 5 benefits of mobile app advertising in this article.

  • Pocket Friendly

First of all, mobile app advertising is less expensive than all other traditional mediums of advertising for a brand or an app. Broadcast advertising, print advertising or the other digital formats of advertising can be really costly, especially you have a niche market. You should define a target market and show your advertising only to them. Thus, you can minimize the cost and limit your all expense with your audience. 

  • Personal and Intimate

Come to think of it, you can reach people from their the most personal device. They use this device all day and night, share their personal informations with it and consume multiplexed content in it. There is no better medium to show them an ad in our opinion. Users are tend to react emotionally to an advertisement that they get to see on a mobile platform. So, mobile advertising uses this situation very effectively.

  • Mobile Device IDs 

As you know, every mobile device has a unique ID. When an advertisers publish mobile ads, they can gather information about user’s journey across the different apps after click the ad. It happenens thanks to mobile device IDs of users.

  • Location Based

Advertisers can reach other customer datas easily through mobile app ads. When you have a niche market, location based dynamics will be important for you. So, you have chance to publish your mobile advertising for every specific location which gathered from mobile device and user’s journeys in mobile platforms. For example, advertisers that specifically target business travelers can run ads to only people located in or near airports and convention centers during a specific time period.

  • High Click Through Rates

Maybe the most important thing for marketers is their conversion rate. Thanks to the wide variety of creative options available on mobile, getting targeted individuals to visit your site, check out your social media profiles, download your app or make a purchase is easier than it would be on a mobile site or other browser-based environment. Therefore, advertisers can easily get in return for their expense.

We’ve focused on the advantages of mobile app advertising. Do you have a game app and wonder about its number of downloads? You can use mobile app advertising options. If you want to get specific information about increasing downloads of game apps, you can check this article.