5 Businesses that Need On-Premise Laundry

To outsource or do it in-house – this is one of the most common dilemmas in businesses that need laundry services. While both have their respective pros and cons, in this article, our focus is on building an on-premise laundry. It might seem costly in the short run, but in the long-term, it can deliver compelling benefits. Not to mention, the business will have complete control over the quality of the laundry. Doing the laundry in-house also helps prevent delays and can represent an additional way to earn income.

  1. Hotels

From curtains to bedsheets, hotels need to wash and dry a lot of things. The bigger the hotel, the bigger is the demand for laundry service. The business can benefit from having an on-premise laundry. In the same way, it can also increase profitability. It can offer laundry services to its guests at a cost, which will represent an additional income stream for the hotel. By having an industrial washing machine and dryer within the hotel, it is possible to improve guest service by having laundry services available when needed.

  1. Restaurants

Whether it is for catering service or fine-dining establishments, restaurant laundry is important. Everything should be spotless for the best dining experience. From stains in tablecloths to foul odor in napkins, poor laundry service can ruin customer satisfaction. Rather than entrusting laundry to third-party service providers, restaurants have the option to build an in-house laundry instead. This also speeds up the turnaround time compared to working with an external business.

  1. Schools

While it is not as common as the other businesses mentioned in this article, schools are installing on-premise laundry facilities. In one incident in 2018, a principal installed a laundromat at a school after a student got bullied for having dirty clothes. An in-house facility will also let schools take care of their laundry needs rather than working with a third-party service provider.

  1. Campgrounds

Camping is fun and exciting. Part of what makes it thrilling is not having the luxuries that you use to enjoy at home. However, it can also be frustrating, such as when you need laundry, but no facility is available. With this, campgrounds will benefit from having an in-house laundry facility, which can also represent an additional revenue stream.

  1. Hospitals

Providing a pleasant patient experience is possible by having clean linens in a healthcare setting, especially in hospitals. If the bedsheets and pillowcases are dirty, patients will not feel at ease. More so, hospitals are known as a breeding ground of bacteria and germs, so cleanliness is paramount. By having an on-premise laundry, it is easier to control the cleanliness of hospital linens and offer the highest level of patient satisfaction.

From hotels to hospitals, different industries will benefit from on-premise laundry. Among others, one of the most important is to have high-quality equipment, such as what Continental Girbau can provide.