5 Essential tips to clean your basement post flood crisis

One storm changes the whole life and pattern of living. The basement that you love the most becomes the most disastrous due to water logging everywhere. Not only the floor, but even the interiors would damage if you do not clean and dry the area soon. Thus, certain tips in this article will help you to keep your house clean, dry, and safe.

DIYs are a good thing if you have experienced it before. In addition to the tips you must also be careful and serious when it’s time for professional help. It is because not every time the DIYs will be successful. You may lack certain tools and techniques of cleaning the house which, they don’t. We have tips that will help you with both.

5 Essential tips to clean your basement post flood crisis:

  • Your priority should be to clean the basement area. You must keep a list of expensive and important things lying in your basement. Post flood, those should be the first that you must focus on for cleaning.
  • Check for any shock or short circuit before you touch anything. Flood waters may sometime lead to water entry in the circuits and cables resulting in electric shock. It would be wise to seek a professional support here. Your electricity must be switched off during house inspection.
  • Wet-dry vacuum cleaners come handy in such scenarios. The electric water pumps helps to suck all the dirty standing water making the area with few repetitions. However, you will not be able to suck huge levels of water logging in case of floods. It is due to limited capacity of home based vacuum cleaners. In such scenarios, a flood crisis restoration cleaning company will be of great support to you.
  • Removal of all the damages and unwanted stuff is another thing you must focus on. The carpets, rugs, books, wall paintings, soft toys, and flood-soaked items won’t do any good to your house any longer. These will only stink bad despite the cleaning process has taken place.
  • Seeking professional support from a flood restoration company may help too. They have the right tools and experts who are experienced to do cleaning like these. They have handled many houses before and thus they know the restoration methods well.

If you wish to seek further support on how to hire professional cleaning service on contract, you may click here for a good restoration company or visit your nearest cleaning company.