In this present era, you can’t survive without having complete skills In spellings. And for students, it is very important. This problem can also affect your grades. Because spellings matter a lot in exams. Not only for students but it is also very important for other people. Without knowing the spellings you can’t pronounce the word correctly. It is proved that spellings are also very important for pronunciation. But there is a problem. People don’t know how to learn spellings. But don’t worry, because there are a lot of easy ways that can help you a lot. For the achievement of mastery in English, your spellings should be perfect. Let’s have an eye on the following helpful tips:




This is an amazing way of spelling improvement. When you read, you will come to know the spelling of all words. And if you will make it your routine, then gradually you will learn all the spellings. Reading should be your hobby. Without reading, you can’t even learn to pronounce the words. When you will encounter the same words daily, then you will remember the spellings on fingertips. Spelling words is not as easy as we all think. Reading books can help you a lot. Buy 5th grade spelling words books for children. Because these books contain the spellings of a higher level as 5th is a higher grade in a primary.




This is another easier way of remembering the spelling word. Right after listening to the word, just write it’s spellings immediately. You will never forget the spellings of that word. Because it will be saved in your photographic memory. Along with reading try to write as well. Make the list of words that are pathetic for you. Then read them all with spellings. Also, write to them again and again. Try to write 15 new words daily. After writing the spellings, check whether they are correct or not. If they are not correct, then try to write the right spelling 15 times. Ask your students and children to make this tip their habit. So that they will never face any problem.




This is another mind-blowing tip for you. You will not only remember the spellings with a phonetic dictionary but you will also be able to write the spelling on your own. Isn’t it fascinating? With the help of a phonetic dictionary, you will also learn to pronounce the word. Buy these dictionaries for your children. And schools must add these dictionaries in the course. Otherwise, we will never overcome this issue. You may see some students reading well, but if you will ask them for spellings, they will be unable to tell you. 




This way is full of fun and your children will perform this task with complete concentration. There is no restriction on age. If you are not good at spellings, you can also play word games. You will be able to learn with fun. It is an interesting way of becoming a master in English. You just have to download the games on your phone. In schools and universities, these games must be included in the schedule. SpellQuiz can prove to be very beneficial for you. These games are available on Play Store and Appstore.  Try to play this game on a daily basis. When the words will repeat, again and again, you will automatically learn the spellings.




Syllables are very helpful. If you are feeling trouble in pronouncing the word then don’t worry at all. Because this tip is very amazing. Just start making the syllables of words with pathetic spellings. You just have to split the words. And in a very short period of time, you will be able to spell the words skillfully. Suggest this method to your children. They will also be able to pronounce and spell the words by themselves. 

All the above-mentioned tips are for those who are willing to overcome the issue of wrong spellings. Without working hard you can’t learn something. For being a master in English, try to follow the above tips on a daily basis.