5 Mobile Marketing Mistakes To Avoid

Good job!

Now you have successfully got your app.

All of your hard work is done…



Instead this is where the fun really begins.

With blogduniya and this article we decided to mention about top 5 mobile marketing mistakes to avoid with your app marketing strategies to you shine bright like a diamond in mobile industry.

Mistake #1: Ignoring Mobile Optimization.

Here is the fact. More customer who use the internet to find the products on web also app stores they’re using mobile device in today world.

According to this fact your website appears differently on a mobile phone, desktop also tablet.

If your site isn’t designed with mobile optimization, you can say goodbye to your customers.

Mistake #2: Failing to Optimize For App Store.

If you are not optimizing your app for Google Play Store and AppStore, you are making a very BIG mistake.

You got the “Good job!” But it’s not enough developing a mobile app. If you getting more downloads on stores you need to develop and deciding right metrics also strategies. But before the optimization process, you should know your target audience. Here is one the best document we have about reaching top10 in AppStore shopping category.

Mistake #3: Not Being on Social Media.

Think that.

Why people trust you, especially if you are new?

Why would they download your app?

You should focus on your soloution and your business value on this part. If you get make it basic and clearify. Just deliver it in right channels on social media.

Define your shareble contents, and post it!

Don’t forget.

When the strangers search on Google with your name, they should see some of trustful and original content carry them to customer circle.

Mistake #4: Wrong expectation from Mobile Ads Results.  

Most of the times,we face people thougts that mobile experience just like same desktop ad experince.

Yes. They’re servicing same service. But they have very different basics based on user behaviours. The fact is mobile app download experience is entirely different and it should be treated differently. It’s not just functionality and displays.

For a small screen, you should define your most important messages to getting customer loyalty. Depends on that, If your website for your mobile app is just like the similar to the desktop, your customers may not likely and trust your business.

Mistake #5: Going it alone.  

You know what they say, “If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far. go together.”

Marketing techs are changing day by day.

And you can’t catch if you try as much as possible as a person.

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