5 Personality Traits Every Hacker Needs

Hacking is way more than just how well you can work on a computer. The subject knowledge is indeed the factor that sets you apart. Full working knowledge of networking, DBMS, wireless networking, and programming are all needed to make you a good hacker.  But there is a certain personality trait that sets you apart in the world of hacking.

You might have seen some documentaries about hacking and noticed some of these traits. These hacking groups are not just experts in the subject but also the perfect blend of personality and pizazz. Here are a few traits you should introspect for if you want to make a good hacker:

1. Eagerness to Learn

The world of hacking refuses to stop growing. Each day there is a new software that hits the market. And with it come many loopholes and vulnerabilities. As a hacker, you should be able to read and learn at the speed of a scientist. You should keep yourself updated about all the new trends and keep in touch with old once. There is no knowing what could be thrown your way when you work as a hacker.

2. Patience

If there is something hacking can teach you, it is in fact patience. Some problems take hours to decipher and could still end up in failures. The odds that you will reach the desired result in your first attempt are exponential. You need to have a cool and calm mind when you are working with complex networks. There is always more than one way to do it, and finding the right path is always going to take long hours and sleepless nights.

3. Creative Thinking

As we said, there is more than one way to fix a problem. And you never get to this on the first attempt. A good hacker should be able to think fast and outside the box. This means you need to jog your brain through multiple options and find innovative ways to tackle them. With hacking, most solutions are never straight forward.

4. Good with Problem-Solving

The basis of all hacking is problem-solving. Coming up with solutions to those stubborn unsolvable problems is what makes hacking a fun job. Hacking groups often spend hours together to come up with a solution that is both fast and feasible. You will sometimes need to break-down a problem into many components and attack them separately.

5. Persistence

If you give up easily, then you are never going to make it as a hacker. The primary job of a hacker is to stay on the job for as long as it might take. You will hit dead-ends, but you need to keep at it no matter come rain or sunshine.