5 Situations where Divorce Paralegals are Better than an Attorney


Divorces can be tough to face emotionally and financially. It becomes more difficult if you need to go through a lengthy and bitter divorce process. But don’t worry if your divorce is taking longer than you would like it. You can fight it till the end with the help of divorce paralegal services instead of an attorney. In this blog, we will list five situations in which you can file for divorce without a lawyer. Let’s get started!

Need Only Documentation

Paralegals perform the task of documentation. So, choosing their services may also be enough if you only need to fill the forms correctly. And, you can submit the documents on your own after this. So, you can take their help in arranging your documents to solidify your preparation and case.

Mutually Decided or Uncontested Divorce

There can be nothing so easy as a mutually decided and uncontested divorce. But it still needs at least some paperwork to be done. And for this, you can take the help of the divorce paralegals. Their expertise and knowledge can also help you with additional forms and submissions if needed. Usually, divorce paralegal service providers have years of experience in drafting and similar legal work. So, you can take the help of this knowledge and smoothen the process. This way, you will be able to speed up the process at minimal charges. You may also be able to finish off the process better and leave little scope for future problems.

State Laws Matter

A lot of state governments grant more powers to divorce paralegals as compared to others. So, you need to check the laws applicable in your state before opting for paralegals. Some states also allow the paralegals to counsel their clients about the required documents. So, check with your paralegal about the extent of support and guidance you can expect from them.

Cost Saving

Some states allow you to represent yourself in a divorce case. So, you can avoid hiring expensive lawyers and save money. But it is still recommended to hire a divorce paralegal. It will help you in having all your documents sorted and make the representation easier. Thus, you will be able to cut down on the avoidable expenses yet win the case.

The Closure

There can be a possibility that your divorce proceeding is almost complete but not finalized yet. In such a case, you can save some money by switching to a divorce paralegal service. You can get all the documents duly filed with the help of a divorce paralegal. This way, you will be able to see the divorce through without unnecessarily high additional expenses.

Divorce can become one of the most shattering of times if not handled carefully. To stop it from becoming one, you need to be very careful about the path you choose. You should weigh in multiple possibilities and decide accordingly. But to be safe, it is advisable to hire a paralegal for divorce and not regret it later.