5 Steps to Promote Your Blog with YouTube Video Marketing

There are two kinds of people in this world: Those who blog and those who don’t. Blogging has become very popular and common nowadays that people will get shocked if you tell them you do not have a blog of your own. So if you do not have a blog yet, go ahead and do it. If you already have a blog, then there is a good chance that your blog is not yet popular as much you want it to be, so continue reading.

Today, we are going to have a look at the tips and strategies for promoting your blog through YouTube Video Marketing. When you manage to get more YouTube subscribers then it helps you to make your video marketing campaign successful. There are many methods to promote a blog such as social media, guest posts, email marketing but video marketing is now a big piece of the puzzle and you cannot afford to ignore it.

Step 1: Create a YouTube Channel for Your Blog

You may have a YouTube channel already, but is it exclusive for your blog? If not, create one. Make the channel name as close as possible to your domain name.

Step 2: Optimize Your YouTube Channel

A YouTube channel fresh out of the box doesn’t look good or function well. You need to tweak some things on your channel as soon as it is created. You should be doing the following before uploading your first video:

  • Edit the Channel Title
  • Put a description for the Channel
  • Add Your Blog’s Link to the Channel Sidebar
  • Add two more links such as your blog’s popular articles page and RSS Feed links.
  • Upload a custom background for your channel or at least have a unique color which matches your blog’s theme.
  • Add relevant tags.

Step 4: Upload Your Video to Your YouTube Channel

Now that your video has been created, you can upload it to your channel with the appropriate title. Your video’s file name should be relevant. Example: video-marketing-tips.mp4

Make sure to include a link to your blog in the description along with https:// so that it is clickable. Give a good reason for YouTube viewers to click on the link and go to your blog. At the end of this blog post, you will find some more ideas for siphoning more visitors from your video to your blog.

Step 5: Promote Your Video

Your video will not become mega-popular or ever hit 1000 views unless you promote it in some way. Here are some ideas for promoting your video. These ideas will give the initial push that your video needs after which the video will get views on its own. You need some comments, likes and audience engagement before the snowball effect kicks in.

Ideas for promoting your video:

  • Promote it through YouTube ads if you have a budget for it.
  • Embed the video in your blog. Readers will find it useful and it also gives you a backlink to your Youtube To Mp3 video.
  • Send an email to your subscribers if you have an email list. (You Should!)
  • Share it on social media: Twitter, Facebook, Instagram
  • Ask fellow bloggers to share it on the blog and social media. People will be open to embedding YouTube videos than the link to your blog post.
  • Distribute the same video to other video sharing / hosting sites such as dailymotion.com and vimeo.com.