5 Streetwear Brands to Kop in 2020

Every year the streetwear game continues to changes and while some brands choose to stick to what they know and continue with similar collections, there are brands that continue to up the ante with fresh collections that keep you coming back.

But not all of these brands are easy to find on the high street, here’s a look at 5 streetwear designers that continue to change the game:


Pleasures is an easy-going clothing brand that has a love for playing with fonts. The Los Angeles designer is living proof that the simple (and at times boring) brands aren’t the way forward in fashion. While brands such as Supreme offer the simple staple pieces that people love, it won’t last forever. Pleasures are going to take fashion forward with its iconic used of different typeface, even though you’ll be wearing the same brand, each piece is completely different from the next.


After only a couple of years of release FADED is a brand that you need to kop in 2020. Know for the big text branding, the FADED skull logo and their iconic collection of mens graphic t-shirts, FADED has only got better with age. For a smaller designer, they also have a great range of styles with utility, denim and tracksuits all available.

With utility wear being a big trend in the streetwear scene, FADED took this one step further and created an iconic utility tracksuit with an acid wash finish. The brand is reasonably priced and pretty much caters for anyone regardless of whether you’re looking for insane graphics or something clean cut like their mens twin sets.


A different take on conventional streetwear, offering a sustainable collection for people looking for ethical clothing that considers how it is sourced and how it uses its profits. CHNGE (pronounced change) uses 100% organic cotton and donations part of its revenue to multiple charity organizations, with a focus on preventing racism, famine and sexism. While they focus on all these causes they don’t compromise their style with both simple pieces and bold statement designs available.

The Unisex brand is one to kop and is for a great cause, it’s certainly a different take on streetwear and there and only a few brands that put their cause before the brand itself. If you’re a fan of the iconic NOAH brand, CHNGE is a similar concept and a much better price point.

You Dont Want This Life

Toronto born and London raised streetwear brand thats name only begs questions. YDWTL offers men and women’s urban styles with its iconic signpost logo or spraypaint designs. The brand sees itself as a culture or to use their words ‘a tribe’ and as part of this, they offer bespoke designs that are very limited in availability making it a brand with some worth behind each style.

Their tie-dye, spraypaint and original styles are making YDWTL a talking point of 2020, it’s one you’ll need to kop quickly if you like the styles.

P & Co

Provision & Co is likely to be the only brand here some might not consider as streetwear, but its use of graphics argues to differ. P & Co is inspired by biker culture and ‘living in the wild’ which has led to their incredible use of tattoo styles graphics and durable garments. The collection is vast with t-shirts jackets and hoodies all offering their signature finish.