5 Tips on How to Choose the Right Lash Artist

Eyelash Extension is in great demand these days. It not only changes your entire look but adds confidence in your personality. Many women prefer eyelash extensions over using fake eyelashes. Eyelash extension is a complicated process. The technicians need years of training to master the art.

Eyelash Extension

It is a cosmetic process. It includes enhancing the length of the lash. In this process, the artist curls your natural lashes and improve this thickness and length.

If you have scanty hair in your lashes, the artist will apply natural hair or synthetic hair in your lashes. They use a special type of glue to attach the hair fibre in your natural lash. It is a complicated process.

Tips to Choose the Right Lash Artist

If you are planning to go for a lash extension, you need to approach an artist who is well-experienced and trained. Don’t simply search for a local shop near you and go with it.

It would help if you searched the options, check their credentials, and then make a choice. Many times people focus on price and go with an artist who charges less money.

But it may lead to side-effects. You may face several problems like irritation, itchiness, infection, and premature shedding. So it would help if you were very careful while choosing a lash artist. You can use specific tips on choosing the right artist.

License and Certification

The first and most important tip is to check their license and certification. A licensed and certified artist have special qualification and training in eyelash extension. They have all the necessary knowledge and experience to provide you with excellent service. You don’t have to worry about any side-effects or other issues.

Workplace Hygiene and Product Quality

The second most important thing is to check workplace hygiene. Make sure the place is clean and hygienic. Check if the artist uses popper sanitization techniques. Apart from that, you also need to check the quality of the products they use, like, glue and hair fibre. It will help you prevent any side effects or infections.

Check References and Online Reviews

Before you choose an artist, you need to check if they are really worth it. You can check their online reviews. Go and their website or other places to check their customer reviews. You can also ask them personally for references and before and after pictures.


The most important thing is the budget. You need to beware of the artist; you charge a meagre price. It may be that they are compromising on product quality. Choose a budget-friendly artist with license, experience, and good reviews. It would help if you spent a fortune on eyelash extension.

Consent Forms

A legit lash artist will always provide you with all the information about the lash extension. They will keep you informed about the pros and cons and ask you to sign a consent form. You can read the form to know everything about the treatment.

Additional Tips

Apart from these five essential tips, you can use these additional tips if it is your first time.

  • Picture Gallery: Check their picture gallery to see the before and after pictures along with testimonials.
  • Lash Consultation: Choose an artist that provides you with a free consultation before your treatment.
  • Communication: Go with an artist who understands your requirements. Make sure you are able to communicate well with them.
  • Experience: Check their work experience before choosing them.
  • Professional and Technical Skills: The artist should be professional and should possess all the technical skills that need to get the job done.

These are the tips on how to choose the right lash artist. So next time you plan to go for eyelash extension, make sure you follow these tips to choose the right artist.