6 Agricultural Machines That Can Not Be Missing For Rent

Agribusiness continues to grow in the world. If one machine can change a producer’s life, 6 machines from plant hire leeds for example can change many more. And there is still a lot of room for investment

Buying farm machinery for lease can be quite a deal. Get to know the news and the main ones used in the field so you don’t make the wrong choice!

  1. Tractor

Two of the simplest pieces of equipment you can have in agriculture, the tractor, and the micro tractor, are extremely versatile, preparing the soil for almost all types of crops. Therefore, they are some of the most sought-after machines. Its main implements are the rotary hoe (original from the micro tractor), the kneading roller, the leveling board, the harrow, the iron wheels, and the plow. The number of tractors or micro tractors should be considered according to your target audience and the size of the areas produced.

  1. Fertilizer

With the growth of the input market, the fertilizer greatly facilitates the farmer’s life and guarantees the fertilizer’s optimization in the plantation. It can be used in most crops but is inefficient in flooded land and perennial plantations. It is one of the most necessary machines for a producer.

  1. Planter

Marking the beginning of planting, the planter distributes the seeds precisely and quickly. Some models perform simultaneous fertilization with sowing, which can greatly interest customers who want to optimize their time and fuel use.

  1. Sprayer

Another machine aimed at agricultural inputs, the sprayer, helps to control the most diverse pests with great efficiency in the application.

  1. Harvester

It can harvest grains quickly while separating them from the rest of the organic matter. Some companies invest in multifunctional models, such as harvesters capable of spraying or pruning when coupled with other complements. It’s a rental farm machine that never sits still.

  1. Cylindrical Baler

Produced to collect and compact hay in large, manageable cylinders, balers are widely used to collect sugarcane straw, which is subsequently transformed into energy. Due to the size of the country’s livestock, it also maintains its original function.

These are some of the most interesting rental agricultural machines to acquire because they can serve different types of crops — mainly grains and sugarcane, the flagships of agriculture.

It is important to emphasize that such complex machines must be handled with care to guarantee their efficiency and increase their useful life. Ideally, the lessor should only rent them on the condition that an employee of his team (with training for this) is responsible for handling the equipment and ensuring everyone’s safety.