6 cheerleader fundraisers that we know work

Are you looking for some new cheerleader fundraisers for your school? Do you need extra funds for your pep-squad travel expenses? What about their annual cheerleading registration fee? Well, it’s time to gather your Parents and Teachers Association and start raising money. Here are some fundraising ideas you can implement to your pep-squad.  For the best fundraising ideas, check out Fundraising Zone.

Pep-Squad Fundraising Ideas

  1. Bake Sale Activity

Everyone loves to eat different kinds of pastries, such as cakes, brownies, and ice cream cakes. Take this opportunity and start organizing a bake sale activity from your school.

Charge a considerable amount for each pastry that you will serve for the students. Don’t forget to include some ice-cold beverages to quench their thirst.

To put some twist in the event, you may call your entire cheerleading squad and perform some cheer dance. This action will make the audience entertained at the same time, and will have a chance to donate some money to your fundraising event.

  1. Sell a Candy

This kind of fundraising event is easy to implement. First, you need to order lots of candies from a wholesaler. Next, together with your cheer dance team, repack the sweets. Afterward, coordinate with your faculty members that you are planning to sell candies during break time. The collected funds will help to support the daily allowance of the cheering squads.

  1. Arrange a Car Wash Activity

Are you ready to get wet? Well, it’s time to gather all your friends, sports team and cheering squad to execute a car wash service in your community.

You can set up car wash activities at your school, parking restaurants, or even at local gas stations. Make sure to create a poster and tell the reason why you’re raising funds.

Arrange your volunteers and try to sort them evenly. You can set up your friends and other sports teams to clean customer vehicles. Set up a fixed rate for each car, or you can ask for kind donations.

On the other hand, set up your cheer dance team to do some fancy dance during the activity. This action will keep your customers entertained, and they can give you some gratuity.

  1. Sell Unique Accessories

Inform your group to sell cool accessories to your school. You can sell fresh items such as:

  • necklace
  • pendants
  • bracelets
  • colorful pens and
  • earrings

Assign two persons per each item and start a craft-making party. Once they finished, make some quality check before sending it to your seller.

Sell each accessory at a reasonable price. Also, you can wear jewelry, and together with your colleague, you can do some modeling to promote unique accessories to the customers.

Once the event is finished, you can split up the profit evenly, or you can save all the funds and use it for future expenses of your cheering team.

  1. Cookbook Sale

Selling a cookbook can be fun and challenging!

Inform your teacher, families, and pep-squad to share their favorite recipes. Next, type all the recipes into the computer to make your cookbook look organized. You may add some photos for each recipe. Don’t forget to sort out the food. Separate the appetizer, main course, and desserts. Finally, print all the pages and bind your cookbook.

Create hundreds of copies and sell them to your community. Inform them that the collected funds from the cookbook will be donated to your school’s cheerleading squad. Once you sell all the cookbooks, arrange a party and give credits to the folks who contributed to the recipes.

  1. Pep-Squad Clinic

Creating a cheerleading clinic is a sure way to involve all the kids in your community. You can set up a cheering clinic every weekend to teach children how to chant, properly cheer, and basic stunts and tumbling.

You can charge a minimum fee for those who want to participate in the said cheer dance clinic.

Before you start the cheering lesson, you need to:

  • Make sure to dress the kids in proper cheer dance uniforms
  • Ensure that professional cheer dancers supervise the entire clinic
  • Sign a waiver for each kid’s guardian

Once you completed the final lesson, create a program that shows the progression of the young cheerleaders. They can draw lots of fans, especially their proud mommies and daddies.