6 Fun Things To Do With Your Bridesmaids Before Your Wedding



Your bridesmaids are probably your very close cousins or your closest friends when you were in college or high school. No matter when you met them in your life, these are specifically your people. They were there for you through thick and thin, so aside from purchasing personalized bridesmaids gifts for them, you can treat them to these fun times as well.

Hop on a Trip Out of Town

It doesn’t have to be an extravagant gift but if you are looking for non-material personalized bridesmaid gifts, nothing could be more personal than a free trip out of town. You can spend overnight at a nice beach resort or relax with your buddies in the mountains. You can also go on a shopping spree somewhere in Las Vegas and have fun before you tie the knot. You can also purchase personalized bridesmaid gifts so they have something to remember your trip by.

Pamper Yourselves at the Spa

All of you want to look great during your wedding day and the perfect way to do this is to de-stress. Schedule a day at the spa with your best girls can you’ll be surprised how much younger you’ll look on the day of the wedding itself. You can schedule this with your mom if she’s part of the pack and set it a day or two before your wedding day. Your groom will also appreciate the end results.

Old School Sleepovers

Are you on a budget? Why go to a spa when you can chat, pizza out, and pamper yourself at home. If you don’t feel like your room is luxurious enough, you can also book a hotel room so all your gal pals can come on over. This is also a good night to reminisce about the good old days, or if you are bringing together different sets of friends, for them to get to know each other before the big day.

Eat Well!

Sometimes, it’s as simple as a big dinner out. Make a party out of it and treat your wedding party to a nice meal. This is a good “bonding session” before the actual wedding day. Once they get to know each other more, you’ll be surprised at how smoothly the wedding program will flow.

Smoothen Things Out for the Big Day

It might sound like a lot of work, but it’s necessary that you iron out the wrinkles with everyone involved in your wedding, preferably before the big day. While we wish to think that everything will miraculously fall into place because you and your groom are so in love with each other, the truth is, a big wedding requires the cooperation of everyone in the team. Unless your wedding is very intimate and you can afford to have major hiccups and laugh it off, smoothening things out the day prior to your wedding is a must.

Learn Something New

You can give, as a form of personalized bridesmaid gifts, classes to something you have never done before. You gain more knowledge and at the same time bond with your bridesmaids as if you were in college or high school again. You can try out baking, a new sport, or even painting. Try to find a common denominator, or better yet, try out a completely new adventure.

Let your bridesmaids remember these special events too. You can include a love letter when you choose personalized bridesmaid gifts for them. Make sure you let them know how much you love and appreciate them.