6 Glorious Destinations To Come in Medan, Indonesia

As it is the entrance and exit stage for stunning attractions like Lake Toba and Bukit Lawang, the city of Medan in North Sumatra sees many tourists. Regrettably, many individuals stay in Medan and leave as rapidly as possible, thinking that this is just another city in Indonesia.

Let us explore the most fantastic place in Medan, Indonesia:

  1. Tour Tjong A Fie Mansion

Anyone that has been in Malaysia, especially went to Cheong Fatt Tze Mansion at Penang, might find Tjong A Fie Mansion recognizable. Tjong A Fie was a relative of Cheong Fatt Tze. Hence the similarities between the two buildings.

The mansion is a wonderful spot to observe how people lived in this city in the 1900s and is one of the top attractions in Medan.

It is possible to take a guided tour around the mansion that hears all about the history here with one of the guides that are attentive and will take around an hour.

As you wander around, make sure to check out the garden where the mansion is most famous about and all of the decorations.

 2. Dress up at Istana Maimun

Istana Maimun is the name of an imperial palace in Medan that belonged to Deli’s Sultanate.

Regions of the palace have been all available to people and have now been turned into a museum.

These contain the living area. Now, there are a couple of screens that describe several collections of clothes and other items of curiosity and the background of this household.

Among the big draws is that you can dress up in period garb for a small charge and take pictures from the throne room. You may also walk across the grounds which encircle the entire palace.

3. Admire Masjid Raya Al Mashun

Mesjid Raya Al Mashun, or even Mesjid Raya as it’s often referred to, is Medan mosque and is known to be one of its most adorable.

You can visit the mosque. The mosque was built using building materials like Italian marble. You also need to check out how awesome all of the details of this mosque.

Some items include the glass touches and the green tiles, as well as the mosque, which is wrapped with dim domes.

Non-Muslims are welcome to enter the mosque after prayer hours, but please give more attention to your outfit. Make sure to dress respectfully.

4. Visit the Museum of North Sumatra

If you are interested in this province’s history and culture, the Museum of North Sumatra is a must-visit.

In the museum, you’ll find galleries that tell the story of the periods of North Sumatran background and carry you through the colonial period, Buddhist, and eras as well as both the Hindu.

Additionally, there are collections dedicated to sculptures, textiles, farming equipment, and historical weaponry, and you’ll also discover some wooden coffins.

In general, this is a treasure trove of history and a terrific introduction to Medan.

5. Walk around Kampung Keling

Kampung Keling is Medan’s Tamil portion, and you may be forgiven for believing that you were in India.

The region is covered in stores selling jewelry that was Indian and saris and a wealth of restaurants that serve dishes.

Kampung Keling also became one of the spots of the Sri Mariamman Temple. It was built in 1884 and is a riot of color.

Make sure to look at the carvings that make up the temple roof, even as there is nothing like this in Medan.

6. Visit Graha Maria Annai Velangkanni

Graha Maria Annai Velangkanni, known as Our Lady of Good Health Church, was established in 2005 and is something of an optical illusion.

Committed to Our Lady of Good Health, this is the vibrant and elegant effigies on the show and really a church. Still, it is modeled on an Indian temple, and also, you’re able to delight in the furnishings here. It is also a symbol of the diversity of Medan.

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