6 Habits You Might be Doing that Destroys Your Sofa

With all of your furniture at home, the sofa is the one that you use the most. You may or may not notice it, but your home sofa is furniture for any mood. For instance, you got home after a long day at work. Of course, you’ll need the sofa to relax and de-stress. You also use the sofa to watch your favourite series or movies. You also hang out on the sofa while talking with your friends on your phone.

You may be unaware of it, but your user routine can impact the overall quality of your sofa. If you’re not mindful enough, you may have some habits that are harmful to the furniture.  Any sofa you use, from the chesterfield sofa to a leather sofa in Singapore, changing these bad habits may help you maintain your home sofa for many years.

So, be mindful of your actions and change these habits for your sofa usage. Once you make these changes, you can ensure to have a better experience with your sofa!

Habits You Might be Doing that Destroys Your Sofa

Humans are creatures of habit. Hence, there are instances that you develop a pattern that is not good for the environment. You could say that it’s an honest mistake. However, being mindful of your actions can also go a long way! When you’re aware of your pattern, you can determine which needs to change. For this reason, you can have better uses for your designer furniture in Singapore.

So, here are the habits that you might be doing that destroys your sofa:


1) Using the Same Spot Every Day

When you buy your sofa from a furniture shop online in Singapore, it gives you the freedom to use it anytime you want. However, as a human being, you may find a spot that feels more comfortable to your body. For instance, if you’re a left-handed person, there are chances that you’ll use the left side of the sofa more than the right side.

For this reason, the left side will experience more pressure from your body, which makes it saggy and damaged. To solve this, you should change positions from time to time when using a sofa. Build a habit that prevents you from damaging your furniture.

Remember when you buy your home sofa like a chesterfield sofa in Singapore. In doing so, you can say that your money is worth the investment with a better habit.

2) You Put Heavy Things Onto the Sofa

Heavy things like your suitcase, delivery order box, and even yourself should not be on the sofa. If you do so, you put pressure on the furniture that develops squeaks. Hence, avoid leaving heavy objects on the home sofa to protect the materials and structure.

As for yourself or any family members, tell them to refrain from standing, walking, or jumping onto the sofa. Even if you have children at home, advise them to play in other areas to protect your designer furniture.  After all, it also helps develop better self-discipline inside your home.

3) Dragging the Sofa Rather than Lifting

You may have the urge to change your interior design from time to time. For this reason, you’ll be needing to move your designer furniture to a different placing. So, if you plan to move your 3 seater leather sofa in Singapore, it feels tempting to push or pull it.

It is a reckless move! You’ll damage the feet of your sofa plus the floor. So, be careful when moving your sofa from one place to another. It is advisable to lift the home sofa to avoid floor damage and maintain the materials of the furniture. You can ask help from professional interior designers to renovate your home for a more successful revamping.

4) You Don’t Regularly Clean the Sofa

As time goes by, your sofa will naturally deteriorate from stains, dust, or dirt. However, you can maintain it by having a regular cleaning schedule. If you don’t do it, the dirt build-up will damage the overall quality of your home sofa. Hence, take some time to clean your designer furniture like the leather sofa.

If you’re a busy professional, you can look for professional help to clean your sofa. They know the appropriate methods and effective products for the cleaning process. Yes, using the wrong cleaning materials can also affect the quality of your home sofa.

So, starting from today, practice protecting the upholstery with a blanket or towel. You can also set a rule that no one should eat on a sofa. After all, the best way to protect the home sofa is to maintain cleanliness in the first place.

5) Placing in a Harmful Environment

Another thing that may harm your home sofa is to place it in an unstrategic environment at your home. Avoid placing it under sun exposure or pollutants. If you do this, your home sofa will get damaged even if you’re not using it. Extensive sun exposure can bleach the home sofa. It can also damage the leather sofa because of the heat.

So, keep in mind that you need to place your designer furniture like a chesterfield sofa or waterbed in Singapore in a naturally safe environment. This way, you can use it for the years to come. Plus, you’ll know that your money will not go to waste because of poor usage habits.

6) You Buy Base on Quantity not Quality

Lastly, buying based on quantity and not quality may contribute to why your home safe has more damages. If you have high-quality sofa materials, there are chances that they will last longer, provided that you have good user habits. However, if you bought a cheap but low-quality sofa, you can expect to see more damage even if you observe proper usage.

Hence, if you’re looking in a furniture shop online, make sure that you read the materials, review, and proper usage before buying a leather sofa, chesterfield sofa, waterbed, and 3 weather leather sofa. In conclusion, buying designer furniture is also an investment, so spend wisely to get the best products from the market.

Now that you’re mindful about the proper usage of a sofa. It’s time to get your leather sofa and chesterfield sofa at Bless Brothers Furniture in Singapore. Visit their furniture shop online to look for more sofas.