6 Marketing Tips to Grow Your Pet Business Online

According to a report published by Animal Medicines Australia (AMA), in 2019, Australian consumers spent $12.2 billion in the pet industry. From specialized healthcare products, organic pet food to grooming supplies, it is clear Aussie pet parents care a lot about their fur babies. As the owner of a pet supply e-commerce business, you will face a lot of competition in this thriving market. However, the key to making your business stand out online depends on the marketing strategies you implement to grab pet parents’ attention.

Listed below are six tips on how to grow your pet business online:

1.Make Continuous Improvements to Your Website.

The internet is the first place pet parents visit to find information. Their search may involve anything related to their pet, such as the nearest groomer, the best dog food, pet medicine, etc. It is vital to have an updated website that is easy to navigate. It helps customers find information fast.

Start by modernizing your website. Choose a template that is fresh and contemporary. Optimize it for several types of devices such as laptops, desktops, smartphones, and tablets. Next, offer all the information customers are looking for. This includes items such as:

–    Contact Numbers

–    Address

–    Price List

–    Product List

These details should be visible on your site.

  1. Build Credibility with a Blog.

Include a blog on your website. A blog provides value to both current and prospective customers. Post articles regularly. Ideally, try to publish at least one article each week. Tailor the content to specific visitors to your site. This intrigues them and encourages them to return for more. By providing original and helpful content, you are establishing yourself as an industry expert. This is excellent to stand out from competitors.

  1. Request Customers for Reviews.

Did you know up to 88% of consumers trust reviews? Start by emailing repeat customers and ask them to review the products they have ordered. You can also request customers to review your pet products/services through links placed on Yelp or any other review site. Be sure to display positive reviews on your website, preferably on the landing pages.

  1. Boost Viewership with Videos.

Like blog posts, a video is an excellent way to demonstrate your expertise in pet care. Once finished, upload this video onto YouTube. Then embed the link onto your website. Make sure you post the link on your social media accounts as well. Do not forget to follow best SEO practices (include keywords). This makes it easier for viewers to find your videos.

  1. Showcase Yourself on Social Media Sites.

Pet lovers love social media. Your presence is essential on these sites so that you can participate in their conversations. Stay active on your platforms. For example, join a Facebook group in your area. This lets you keep a pulse on what pet parents are searching for, i.e., products, services, etc. If you cannot find a group, create one. Invite family members and friends to join. Ask them to share with other people. You can post live links in your discussions that encourage members to click through.

Instagram stories are another way to boost your business’s presence online without bombarding followers with excess information. Use Instagram stories to upload videos or photos throughout the day. These stories will disappear after 24 hours, giving you a chance to keep posting new information.

  1. Use Email Marketing to boost ROI.

Email marketing is an excellent way to maintain contact with existing customers. It is a great tool to boost engagement with your business. There are several options at your disposal.

  1.   Create a Newsletter:Use this to promote services and products, reward customers, provide information about upcoming events, offer advice and tips, and answer questions. You can also announce new products.
  2.  Send Videos:This is an excellent way to grab customers’ attention. You can include a lot more information in a video than in an email or blog.
  3.   Track email success. You can use special services to study the effectiveness of your marketing campaigns. It provides statistics such as click-through rates, open rates, etc.


The pet industry is highly competitive and rapidly expanding. The best way to stay on top is by routinely maintaining your website, staying active on social media sites, posting videos and blogs, requesting customer reviews, and investing in email marketing.

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