6 Top Exciting Facts About Live Casino Games You Should Know

The thrill of visiting a real casino is not feasible for everyone due to the distances and restrictions involved. Online casinos make up for this and give everyone an opportunity to feel the pleasure virtually. There are many casino games that can be played through these portals, but one of the main attractions remains the live casino games where the players can interact with a live dealer who conducts the games. When you think of a live casino game, your mind probably fills up with multiple questions and scenarios related to the same. Instead of imagining and presuming things, you should read on to learn some interesting facts about live casino games.

  • Software-Based Games and Live Dealer Games are Opposite

In an online casino, you can find the same games being played in both formats. These games include the likes of roulette, blackjack and poker. There can be other games as well based on the casino you choose. The live casino games do not use any software. Instead, the games are based on live streaming and live chatting. The results of these reach the players in real time.

  • The Environment of a Real Casino is Recreated for These

To ensure that the players enjoy the experience of a real casino, the live casino games are streamed either from a real casino or a studio that has been set up to give the feel of one. The software designers add elements like live chat to make it easier for the players to interact with the dealer and feel as if they are in the casino for real.

  • How do the Players Interact with the Game?

While the dealer rolls the dice, spins the ball or deals the cards, the results are converted into data consumed by the software through OCR (Optical Character Recognition) technology. This data is available to the players and they can hence interact with the game just as they would with a virtual game. The results for the two are determined differently, though.

  • The Cost Involved in Getting the Live Games is Much Higher

If a casino decides to host a live game, it spends a lot to let the players enjoy. The expenses are more as they need more people, more equipment and advanced technology to make it possible to stream the games live and allow the players to interact with the same. They need additional cameramen, croupiers, IT managers and a pit boss to ensure a smooth game for its members.

  • The Equipment and Property Set Up is Complex

To ensure that the game is easily accessible, interactive and fair, there is more than extra staffing required. The space required is of at least three rooms. One of these is a live studio, another one is for setting up the server and the third room is for the analysis to take place. The requirement for rooms can vary depending on how many game tables can be set up in one studio. Since there are many different live games being played at the same time, keeping them all in the same room may not work.

  • Not All Casinos Offer the Games in This Format¬†

Since the games are so expensive to conduct, many casinos resort to just providing the virtual games to their patrons. If you are interested in live casino games, you must choose a casino that has the capability of conducting them. The most commonly offered games in the live format are roulette, blackjack and baccarat.

Now that you know these interesting facts about live games, you can probably understand them better and enjoy the experience with the understanding of what goes on behind the computer screen.