6 Ways to Help Your Child Get Relief From Ear Infection Pain

Ear infections are common among children, and you might feel helpless when your child is infected. While many pediatricians mainly endorse a wait-and-see strategy, there is much you can do to help your child. But the first necessary step you can take is to reach out to the experts such as the Oasis, Ear, Nose, and Throat team of specialists offering pediatric ENT in Surprise. The experts will diagnose your child’s condition and advise you accordingly. Additionally, you can take some of the following steps to ease your child’s pain or prevent future infections:

Try OTC Medications

You can purchase medications from your pharmacy or local stores that can help ease your child’s pain depending on the severity of the infection. Generally, acetaminophen and ibuprofen are the best options to manage such issues. However, take this step cautiously, putting into consideration the age of your child. Some medications, such as aspirin, are not suitable for children under 19 as they can cause other complications. Also, consider the weight of your child as many doses are based on weight.

Use a Warm Cloth

This is a simple way to provide relief to your baby. Simply warm some water and a damp washcloth. Hold the warm cloth over your child’s ear, and it might offer some pain relief to them. However, you have to ensure it is not hot as it can cause burns or accelerate the pain. Look at the reaction of your toddler to understand if it is working for them.

Use Anesthetic Drops

This is one of the commonly used methods for easing pain from an ear infection. Although the drops are not like antibiotics to treat the infection itself, they help make the pain dull. The drops are readily available in the local stores, but you can consult your provider for advice. Also, ensure you follow the directions on the bottle carefully to improve the medication’s effectiveness. Generally, drop a few drops into your child’s ear as instructed and repeat it often as indicated.

Encourage Your Child to Drink

Hydration is essential to your child, particularly with an ear infection. Therefore, make sure your child gets enough fluids during this time to stay hydrated. Let your child drink water, broth, or drinks such as Pedialyte to help ease the pain of the ear infection. Additionally, ensure your child drinks often as swallowing encourages the fluid on the ear to move out, alleviating the illness.

Avoid Colds

Some ear infections occur due to colds. Therefore, you can only make the condition worse if you give your child anything cold, including medications. Medications such as decongestants may do more harm than good to your child, and it would be better to avoid them. However, consult your pediatrician to understand the cause of your condition so that you are sure of your steps.

Keep Contact With Your Pediatric

If, after your efforts to ease the ear infection, pain is bearing no fruits, it would be best to talk to your pediatrician. The doctor can recommend further treatment options such as the use of antibiotics, mainly if you hadn’t tried them or any others to ease the infection. You can also explain to the doctor if other symptoms you have observed are present, particularly if your child has a fever.

Learn how you can help ease your child’s pain from an ear infection by talking to the ENT specialists at Oasis Ear, Nose, and Throat today. Your provider will determine if more advanced treatments are required.