7 Designer Furniture Problems in Singapore and How to Avoid Them

Homeowners with several pieces of designer furniture in Singapore are aware of the problems that they can encounter. The reasons behind these issues can vary. From termites to stains, you need to know what you can do to solve these complications in your furnishings.

However, it is equally crucial for you to learn how to avoid some of the common issues regarding designer furniture. Remember that prevention is better than the cure. Once these problems occur, their effects may be inevitable. In worst cases, it can be irreversible no matter what solution you do. Therefore, making the necessary preventive measures is vital in ensuring your designer furniture lasts long.

In this article, you will learn these seven problems common with designer furniture. Additionally, there will be steps that you can take to avoid them. Continue reading to know more.

7 Designer Furniture Problems in Singapore and How to Avoid Them

Useless Furnishings

You may have experience purchasing designer furniture, such as wooden dining chairs, only to realise later that you do not need them. Your reasons for this can vary, such as discounts or cheap deals. However, you must determine if you have used it for furnishing before buying it.

Preventing this problem from happening can be easier said than done. Before purchasing designer furniture, assess your home if you need the product, instead of wanting it. Remember that there is a difference between something you need and something you want. If you are already using the same things at home, you may be considering buying the furnishing because you want it.

“Durable” Furnishings

Besides the problems of impulse buying, another common issue among designer furniture owners is thinking the item they got will last a long time, only to realise later that the durability is not what they wanted.

Researching various furniture pieces is a preventive measure you can do to avoid this problem. For example, furnishings made from industrial materials, such as stainless steel, are durable. Investing in these types of designer furniture guarantees that they will be with you for a long time.

Lack of Features

For people purchasing designer furniture online, they can mistake certain products for having specific features only to discover the truth after buying them. For example, you may think that a shoe rack in Singapore has a feature that allows you to adjust the height of each row and find out that you can’t. Pictures can be deceiving, and if you rely on them to determine whether a furnishing is worth your money, you are prone to falling for this problem again.

One thing you can do is to thoroughly read the product description every time you consider purchasing a piece of designer furniture. The information you can learn from them will most likely answer most of your questions. Furthermore, feel free to ask the store for clarifications regarding the item.

Expensive Price Tags

This problem occurs to every buyer. It doesn’t matter if they are purchasing designer furniture or not. Expensive items can tempt you to overspend, especially if you want them badly. However, assess the products you intend to invest money into as it can lead you to encounter the previous issues stated in this article. Furthermore, the price tag of furnishing should not be your sole basis in determining whether it is worth your money. Remember to emphasise quality over cost.




One of the banes of every designer furniture owner, pests can have detrimental effects on your furnishings. This issue grows worse the longer you leave it unattended. In worst cases, an infestation can consume portions of your wooden tv console in Singapore and leave them unsafe for use.

Regular pest control can help you deter termites, rats, and cockroaches. Additionally, be on the lookout for signs of infestation. Dead bugs, droppings, and sawdust on your wooden designer furniture are some of the indications that should warn you of the presence of these creatures.

Bent Legs



A common problem among residential owners with frequent visitors, it is possible to notice bent legs on your designer furniture, such as your wooden dining chairs. Some of the possible reasons for this issue are the following:

  • Someone sitting on a chair leans back, causing it to stand on its two legs.
  • After cleaning the chairs, the person drops them, possibly causing some of the legs to receive the full impact.

Actively watching out for these situations is your most effective solution to preventing this issue from happening. If you notice someone leaning back on their chair, gently telling them not to do it should be enough.

Floor Scratches

You may likely hear a screeching noise while cleaning your house. This sound is the result of designer furniture scraping the floor. This problem can grow worse as your furnishing and flooring can receive scratches.

Using floor glides can help you prevent scratches on your furnishing and flooring. These items are pieces of rubber that you place at the bottom of designer furniture, preventing it from scraping the floor. Another possible solution is to carry your furnishings if you transfer them to a different area. For heavier items, consider asking for an extra pair of hands.


Several problems can happen with designer furniture in Singapore. It isn’t enough to be aware of what you should do when a problem occurs. The damages from an infestation or the hassle of dealing with unwanted furnishings can be tough to solve. In worst cases, they can be irreversible.

Due to this reason, it is equally critical that you know what to do to avoid these issues in designer furniture. There are various preventive measures you can take against numerous potential problems. Proper research, regular maintenance, and protective equipment can spare you the trouble of dealing with the effects of an issue.

Following the tips listed in this article guarantees that your designer furniture will be safe from issues.

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