It is assumed now that any legitimate business will have a website.  The company website allows potential customers to find the business and also learn about what they do or sell.  And yet, there are still small businesses that do not have a website.  Some business owners might think that they have been in business for so many years without a website, why do they need one now?

It is a fair question.  If a business has been open for decades without a website, why would they need one now?  The biggest reason for having a website is that consumers have changed and now they expect a website.  Often, a business without a website seems “less than” when compared to competitors that have websites.

What has stopped a small business from launching their own website?  Landau Consulting, a web development company in New Jersey, has published a list of 7 myths about small business websites in the following infographic.

Some small business owners think their business does not need a website or that a website is too costly and is just another expense.  Some think that they are not a tech company and therefore cannot produce a high-quality, engaging, and appealing website.  Some fear being spammed once they put their website and contact information out there.

These are valid concerns but with today’s technologies, they need not be concerns at all.  A good NJ small business web design company can help you understand the ins and outs of creating a compelling and effective website, even if your business is located outside of NJ.  They will guide you through the many decisions, much like a good contractor will guide you through a home renovation or construction project.

You know you need one so contact Landau Consulting today to get started on your company website.