7 Profitable PTA Fundraisers for your School Field Trip

A school is not only a great place to learn about academics but other skills (required in real life) as well. To enhance other areas of learning, schools include after school activities such as field trips. Field trips help the teachers connect the classroom with real-life experience. This way, students are exposed to the hands-on aspects of learning. Field trips are difficult to organize especially when a school lack funds. It is a good thing that Parent-Teacher Associations were formed – to help schools raise funds at times when the budget is restricted.

There are more than a hundred ways for a PTA to raise funds for a school field trip. A few of the most popular and profitable PTA fundraisers will be discussed here.  For more information on fundraising methods, visit Fundraising Zone for more information

Spare Change Wars

This PTA fundraiser is most commonly known as penny wars. However, due to the creative minds of the fundraisers, a few versions of penny wars came to birth. For this field trip fundraiser, classrooms join in the healthy competition – to fill their jars with as many coins as they can. Everyone is encouraged to bring in their spare change. Of course, the winner will be the classroom with the largest amount of money in the jar. All proceeds will be donated to fund the field trip. The PTA awards the winner with ice cream for everyone in the class.

Calendar Art

Part of every school’s activities is making artworks. Through artworks, students develop their creativity. The PTA can make good use of these artworks to fund a field trip. The organizers will choose the best arts that can be used as a good design for a calendar. The artworks will be scanned to create digital images. These digital images will be uploaded to online programs and be used in designing the calendar. Print the customized calendars and sell them to family, friends, students, and staff. All proceeds go to the field trip fund. This fundraiser is best done during the holidays.

Recycling Drive

While recycling drive is a profitable fundraiser for a field trip it also helps in keeping a healthy environment. This also teaches the students the value of caring for the environment. PTA members must have an efficient promotion for this fundraiser. The more people they encourage to donate their recyclables, the more fund they can gather for the field trip. Get everyone to bring their aluminum cans, old mobile phones, ink cartridges, etc. Find a company that buys such items and partner with them. The company will buy off the recyclables and the PTA gets a fund for the upcoming field trip.

Sponsorship Letters

Direct solicitation through sponsorship letters may be intimidating for some fundraisers. However, by simply reminding business owners about the tax write-off, they will gladly sponsor the PTAs field trip fundraiser. PTAs can also issue certificates that business owners can display in their establishments.

Restaurant Fundraiser

Restaurant fundraiser is actually a social event that can help rake in money for the school field trip. It is where an organizer (such as the school PTA) sets out a particular date to when a group of people eats. The PTA can promote the event efficiently through social media. The restaurant donates back an agreed percentage of the sales during the event. This fundraiser gives out a win-win scenario for everyone. The restaurant – gets more income and may create a good range of loyal customer base. The supporters – get to eat a delicious dinner and get the chance to help in the fundraiser. The PTA – gets the money to fund the field trip.

Bingo Night

Bingo is a popular game that even young kids would enjoy playing. Organizing a Bingo night is not difficult. Simply buy a Bingo set, and invite the community to play. To raise funds, charge a fee for each card to be played. To earn extra money, PTA can facilitate a concession sale for the refreshment of the players. In no time, the PTA can raise funds for the field trip.

Crowd funding

Finally, there is crowd funding – a powerful online fundraiser that can raise money for almost any kind of fundraising activity. This method of fundraising raise capital through the joint efforts of a worldwide pool of individuals. Typically, it uses the power of the internet via social media for greater exposure. The PTA should take advantage of the benefits of crowdfunding as it is proven to raise over a billion dollars worldwide. Funding a field trip program using the crowd funding method would be just a piece of cake.