7 Types of Accidents One Can Encounter on a Cruise Ship

All of  us dream of taking a cruise vacation. We enjoy sailing to the picturesque ports around the world in the luxury cruise liners. But, accidents can happen anytime and this applies to being onboard a cruise liner as well. 

An accident is an undesired event that can cause loss of life, property or equipment, or cause injury to a person. Shipboard officers and cruise liner crew must be aware of the accidents and take measures to ensure the safety of passengers. But in spite of this fact, accidents tend to happen on cruises regularly. If you had an accident while abroad a Silversea cruise, you should consider an experienced attorney at Silversea to file a timely claim in a court of law. 

Cruise ships have many activity zones  such as swimming pools, restaurants, gaming zones, shopping centres, lobbies, etc. which increases the scope of accidents while aboard. Knowing about some of the common accidents will help you to take steps to avoid these accidents and stay safe during your cruise vacation.  

7 Common Accidents On a Ship

  1. Slips and Falls

Though it may sound silly, slips and falls are the most reported accidents on cruise ships. Most of the passengers are injured or suffer serious implications due to slip and fall accidents. Some of the reasons for this type of accident are luggage in the hallways, wet floors, defective or ill-maintained staircases, and sudden changes in elevation of the floor. Whatever may be the reason for the accident, if you are injured while on a Silverseas Cruise, it is compulsory to file the claim within a year of your journey. In order to ensure that you are properly represented in a court of law, you have to hire the services of Silverseas Cruises accident attorneys, who are experienced in handling the cases against Silverseas.

  1. Food Poisoning

You consume food prepared in the cruise restaurants while sailing. If the food products are not handled properly or stored in unhygienic conditions, you may suffer from  food poisoning. You can suffer from mild to severe medical conditions due to this issue.  

  1. Accidents in the Swimming Pool

Swimming pools are another hotspot for accidents onboard cruise ships. You can suffer from slips and falls due to the wet and slippery floors around the swimming pool or on the steps leading to the pool. Other swimming pool accidents include drowning in the pool, severe reactions if the water is not properly treated etc. 

  1. Escalator or Elevator Accidents

You need to access the elevators and escalators in the cruise ship to reach the rooms and other entertainment areas such as shopping zones, indoor play areas, or restaurants. If the elevators and escalators are not properly maintained, they tend to malfunction. You may be trapped inside the elevators or have a slip and fall accident on the escalator. These accidents can lead to severe injuries. If you encounter any of these problems while traveling on Silversea cruises, consult a professional attorney at Silversea to make sure that the claim is well handled and you get suitable compensation. 

  1. Accidents During Recreational Activities

There are many recreational activities onboard cruise ships. Adventure activities such as rock climbing, skydiving, water slides, etc. are risky and may involve some accidents. If you are injured while partaking in any activities on the cruise, you can claim compensation from the cruise company. However, the claim has to adhere to the strict filing deadlines to ensure that you get the compensation. For example, if you are injured while participating in the activities onboard a Silversea cruise, you should consult experienced Silverseas cruises accident attorneys to represent your case.

  1. Fire Accidents 

Fire accidents are one of the riskiest scenarios while aboard a ship or a cruise liner. You can suffer severe burns, which result in disfigurement and scarring. A fire on the ship can also lead to other accidents such as slip and fall accidents, accidents due to malfunctioning escalators and elevators etc. 

  1. Assault

Ships are huge and have many spaces, which cannot be easily monitored. While traveling on a cruise ship, you or your family members are at risk of being physically or sexually assaulted by the crew or fellow passengers. Physical or sexual assault can cause physical injuries and emotional trauma to the victim. 

These are some of the accidents you are prone to while traveling on a cruise ship. While it is advisable to take steps to protect yourself from these accidents, sometimes you may suffer from an accident in spite of being careful. In such a scenario, you should consult an experienced Attorney at Silversea to file a claim against the cruise company. The lawyers are well-versed in handling all the legal formalities to ensure that you receive compensation from the company.