8 Things To Get Rid Of When You Move

Anything that you haven’t used in over a year

When it comes to the things you own, the rule of thumb is that if you haven’t used something in over a year and don’t plan on using it soon, get rid of it. This includes clothing items that no longer fit or are out of style, kitchenware that has been broken or replaced with updated versions, furniture that’s seen better days (or needs restoration work), and anything else you can think of. If it’s damaged beyond repair or is broken down beyond useability, go ahead and throw it away. Obviously, this doesn’t apply to everything—but most people tend to hold onto things for far longer than they should just because they’re still technically usable (even though they aren’t getting used much anymore). This can lead to clutter buildup over time. If this bad habit sounds familiar, try applying this rule: anything that hasn’t been touched recently either needs to go through some sort of drastic change so that it can be useful again, or it needs to go in the trash.

Outdated fashion pieces

Fashion trends change quickly, and sometimes it’s hard to keep up with the latest trends. If you have any clothing items that are no longer fashionable, you should get rid of them before moving from Utah. Even if they aren’t too old, they may not look good on your new body shape or size (especially if you’ve lost weight). In addition to this, fashion can be expensive, and buying new clothes is not always within everyone’s budget. When moving into a new place, you don’t want to feel uncomfortable because your clothes don’t fit properly! This is also important because fashion is an effective way for people to express themselves through their clothing choices. Your wardrobe can show others how unique and stylish you are as an individual; however, if everything in your closet has expired its usefulness, this becomes impossible. When going through your clothes, ask yourself these questions: Do I absolutely love this piece? Will I feel bad throwing it away? Is there an occasion when I might wear this again? Is there a way for me to incorporate it into my new style? Can it be repurposed or donated so someone else can wear it instead?

Old makeup and beauty products

When you move, it’s time to start fresh. It’s also time to get rid of expired products or products that are no longer usable because they’re too old. If you’re moving into a new home, this is an excellent opportunity to change your look with some new products. And if you’re not sure what type of makeup will work best for your face shape and complexion, see a professional at Sephora who can help you choose the right foundation or concealer for your skin type! If you have any old makeup lying around that hasn’t been used in years-toss it! This includes eye shadow palettes and lipstick tubes that haven’t been opened since high school prom night. Basically, anything past its expiration date should be thrown away immediately so nobody gets hurt by using expired cosmetics again!

Clothes that don’t fit you right now

When you are moving, there may be some clothes that you don’t want to take with you. The reasons for this vary depending on whether they have a sentimental value or not. Some of these items can be given away to friends or family members who will appreciate them. If they are out of style, sell them at a consignment store so that someone else can get some use out of them. But if they don’t fit well anymore and are in bad condition, it would be best to throw those away. Also, consider any clothes that have been worn once or twice but never worn again; these items should also be disposed of because they have no more use left in them and will just take up space in your new home if kept around longer than needed!

Expired food items and spices that have been hanging around for a while

Food that has expired can be dangerous. While you might think that it’s okay to eat an open bottle of ketchup, for example, even if it has been sitting around for a while, you would be wrong. In fact, there are specific rules about how long certain foods stay good once they have passed their best before date. For example, foods like meats and dairy products need to be eaten immediately because bacteria can grow rapidly in these foods if they are left unrefrigerated or stored at room temperature too long after the expiry date.

Old technology, chargers, and gadgets that have seen better days

You know how it goes: you buy a new phone, and suddenly your old one feels like an overgrown paperweight. You’re not going to use it as your primary device, and you have no desire to watch video on its tiny screen ever again. So why is it still taking up space in your office closet? At this point, you can either sell it or donate it for the sake of doing some good—or just get rid of the thing altogether! If someone needs an extra charger for their new gadget but can’t afford one right now, they may be happy enough with yours if you offer one up via Craigslist or eBay. If none of these options are viable for whatever reason—either because there isn’t time or someone else needs access—you might consider selling them on eBay instead. This will also help offset any losses on your part due to depreciation over time; as long as you do research beforehand so that any products are priced fairly before listing them online, chances are that someone will need what’s leftover from moving day! If all else fails, go ahead and throw out anything broken or unusable.

Broken appliances that you don’t plan on fixing

If your appliance is broken, it’s probably not worth repairing. Chances are the repair costs will be more than the cost of a new appliance, and there’s no guarantee that it will work properly after being fixed. You may be able to sell your old appliance or donate it to charity if you still have sentimental value attached to it but if not, consider getting rid of it when moving time comes around!

Anything you don’t want at all!

There’s no reason to keep it just because you might “need it someday.” If you haven’t needed it by now – get rid of it! This includes books you’re never going to read again, useless Christmas presents from Grandma, and purses that you have yet to use.

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