8 Things To Remember When Meeting For The First Time With Your Personal Injury Lawyer

It’s not everyday that you need to meet a personal injury lawyer Port St Lucie FL who can help you win a settlement. In most cases, your personal injury attorney Port St Lucie FL is just there to make sure you get the most out of a settlement, especially if the injuries that you sustained were bad. In any case, you must remember these things when meeting with your attorney for the first time.

Bring Your Medical Reports

Did the injury happen months ago? Some claims can be done months or weeks after the incident itself. However, to help your personal injury lawyer Port St Lucie FL assess how much damages should be claimed and how solidly these claims can be made, you must bring all your medical records pertaining to the accident. This will also help her assess what kind of personal injury you will be filing for because the cost, fees, and also the size of your settlement will depend on the type of claims you will be making.

Bring your Police Reports of Copies of Them

If the personal injury resulted not only in hospitalization but also in the involvement of the police, you must also bring the pertinent police reports with you. This way, your lawyer can assess whether these reports will help or if they will be counter-intuitive to the claims you will be making.

Bring Related Receipt and Pay Stubs

If you have had to pay for any other damages before you file your claim and this is related to the incident you experienced, you may bring any pertinent pay stubs and receipts. Your personal injury lawyer Port St Lucie FL can help you document and file these receipts and pay stubs to make the claims more systematic and grounded.

Ask About Costs and Fees

You need to clear the grounds with costs and legal fees as well. Costs and legal fees usually cover having witnesses make statements that will help your case, making copies of documents, office rental and so on. In case you do not win the case, you might have to pay your personal injury attorney Port St Lucie FL these fees from your own pockets. You need to have at least a ballpark figure so you are better prepared.

Ask About Settlement Procedures

You need to ask your lawyer about your obligations to appear in court, your presence during settlement meetings, and so on. If you have never had to claim personal injury claims before, then do not be shy about asking your lawyer about the procedure. Most of them are more than happy to guide you all the way.

Come with your Insurance Information

You should also come with your insurance information as these will also affect how much damages you need to claim from the other party. If some of the expenses were shouldered by your insurance by default, this may affect your settlement money.

Ask about the Probability of Winning the Case

Nobody wants to drag a case along which has a slim chance of winning. It is good for you and your lawyer to talk about the probability of winning the case from the first meeting. Most law offices offering personal injury attorney Port St Lucie FL services also offer free case assessments. If the case is solid, you will be advised to pursue. If it holds little chance of being won, your legal counsel will advise you to work with a viable and quick settlement.

How Are Legal Costs Handled if You Lose

You must also talk about how much you need to pay and how you can pay for the fees should your case lose, or if your settlement is smaller than the legal fees and costs. Most of the time, when you are given an excellent personal injury lawyer Port St Lucie FL, the settlement is always big enough to cover the costs and fees.