9 Amazing Facts About Christmas Lights You Might Not Be Aware Of

Christmas is one of the most anticipated holidays every year. Everything we do on Christmas represents a part of our history. In America alone, around 150 million Christmas lights sets are sold yearly. Who could blame them? Lights are very pretty during the most wonderful time of the year. Here are some amazing facts you may not know about Christmas lights.

Thomas Edison created the first strand of electric lights

Because of Thomas Edison’s promise to electrify downtown Manhattan, he sought to popularize the use of light bulbs during Christmas in 1880. However, it wasn’t until 1882 that these were used for decorative purposes.

The first Christmas light installation contest was a marketing stunt

In 1927, General Electric, along with many other Edison Electric distribution companies, sponsored “Decorating with Color-Light” contests in various neighborhoods in an attempt to boost sales. Years later, people have been Googling “Christmas light installation near me” for friendly competitions around the country.

Christmas lights originally were candles on a Christmas tree in the 15th Century

Christmas light installation started as mere candles on a Christmas tree. Early records of this date all the way back to the 5th to 15th Century. A large candle is displayed to represent the star of Bethlehem.

Grover Cleveland was the first American President to have a Christmas tree adorned with colored lights

Even though Benjamin Harrison was the first to display a Christmas tree in the White House, it was Grover Cleveland who requested it to be adorned with hundreds of multi-colored bulbs in 1895.

Christmas lights were very expensive

It’s probably a lot easier to search “Christmas light installation near me” now because it’s super affordable. However, did you know that Christmas lights before were very expensive? In 1900, it would take $300 (around $2000 today) to have a full Christmas light set up.

The most Christmas lights on a residential property were 601,736 lights

Guinness World Record confirms that the most Christmas lights on a residential property were that of a family in New York. The Gay family used a total of 601,736 lights.

Around 20 million pounds of broken lights are shipped to China every year

Every year, around 20 million pounds of broken Christmas lights are sent to China to be fixed or recycled. Guangzhou is known as the Christmas light recycling capital of the world.

Christmas display accounts for 6% of America’s energy consumption

Christmas display accounts for 6% of America’s energy consumption. Moreover, Americans are willing to spend $199 to $573 on electricity during the holidays.

A yearly average of 6.63 billion kilowatt-hours of electricity is used on Christmas lights

6.63 billion kilowatt-hours of electricity is more than that of El Salvador’s yearly consumption, which is only 5.35-kilowatt average, as well as that of Ethiopia’s, which is 5.30-kilowatt average.

Christmas lights installation is an important tradition for every American. We have come a long way from simply using candles on trees. This coming holiday season, be sure to consult a professional with any of your Christmas lights installation questions.