9 Unique Personalized Gifts You Can Give Family and Friends


Love is in the sweet messages we send to our family friends. It’s in that box of baked goodies we prepared or in that care package we delivered to those who are far from us. Love is also in those personalized gifts we give, whether during an occasion or at times when we simply want to make our loved ones smile.

If you’re thinking of giving such gifts to your family and friends, this read is for you. Here are nine presents that are unique, customizable, and capable of conveying that one thing that the world needs the most today: Love.

Home Sweet Home Block Sign. Love is cultivated and nurtured, primarily at home. And with personalized gifts, including this simply-yet-striking block sign, love will surely be in the air of anyone’s abode. This blook sign can be engraved with the recipient’s family name and the year when the household was “established.”

For All Time Personalized Crystal Clock. Tying the knot and thinking of a special souvenir item for your family and friends? This customizable crystal clock should definitely be on your list. It’s not only elegant-looking, but it’s also symbolic of how we all should make the most of the time we spent with our loved ones.

Baby’s Milestone Keepsake Box. Parenthood is one of the most fulfilling experiences in life. If you’ve got couple friends who are welcoming an angel into their home, this is a lovely and one-of-a-kind gift that they — and their child — can cherish for the many years to come.

Make It Sweet Personalized Baking Pan. One of the most in-demand personalized gifts out there, this baking pan is the perfect complement to those hearty cupcakes you’ve baked. Apart from its non-stick coating, what makes this gift item truly a great buy is the succinct statement found on the cover: Life is short, make it sweet.

Custom Glas Cookie Jar For Families. If you’re planning to send cookies to relatives and friends, you can make it extra special by enclosing them to this customizable cookie jar. This jar has a one-gallon capacity, complete with a lead-free glass lid.

Wine Club Personalized Serving Tray. Are you and your friends big wine connoisseurs? Then you and this serving tray are a match made in distillery heaven. It measures 16 ½” by 9 ¾” and features a personalized full-color aluminum insert at the bottom.

When The Wind Blows Memory Chime. If you have someone within your circle who lost a loved one, this sympathy chime will remind them of the departed’s memory whenever the wind blows. Its simple design is paired with rich tones that can resonate throughout the recipient’s immediate space.

Memory Heart Plaque. Another unique remembrance gift, this heart block measures 6″ by 5″ by 1″ and can be displayed anywhere in the home of its recipient. Because it can be customized with the deceased’s photo, it allows the recipient to remember the good times they shared with the departed fondly.

Memory Is A Treasure Hurricane. This memorial vase is a beautiful way of honoring the loving memory of someone who passed away. Standing 10’ tall, it can be personalized using laser engraving. It also comes with a 6″-by-3″ LED pillar candle.