A Complete Guide to Buy Crystal Jewellery Online

The definition of shopping has changed so much since the e-commerce explosion across the world. Investing a day to venture outside for shopping is just a memory now. In this superfast world everybody is opting for e-commerce sites for all their needs. From clothing to jewellery, from medicines to electronics people are buying anything and everything from online stores nowadays isn’t it? This has become a trend in every country across the world and Sri Lanka has thoughtfully capitalized on this. In the world of e-commerce one of the companies which has made immense impact in Sri Lanka is Kapruka.com.

Started in 2003 with a promise of becoming Sri Lankans favorite online store, Kapruka has grown exceedingly ever since. It has strengthened its grip on the Sri Lankan market by partnering with the world’s leading fashion brands. The biggest addition to their collection has been Swarovski Jewellery.

Swarovski is a world-renowned European designer jewellery brand composed of sheer craftsmanship and creativity. People at Swarovski Jewellery delivers a diverse portfolio of jewellery with unmatched quality and exceptional design. It was founded in 1895 in Austria. The company specializes in crafting high-quality gemstones and crystals. These gemstones or crystals are incorporated in its signature jewellery as well as other accessories. The Swarovski jewellery has a global reach of 170 countries with 3000 stores and more than 27000 active employees across the globe. They also generate a revenue of around 3 billion euros per year.

Kapruka has made a partnership with a brand of this caliber. This partnership has opened new doors for this e-commerce site. Being able to sell Swarovski Jewellery and accessories online has got them a vast Sri Lankan clientele.

Kapurka.com has a vast range of Swarovski jewllery products for you to choose from. You can get glitzy and glittery necklaces, pendants, earrings, etc. On the other hand, if you prefer subtle jewellery, fine crystal pendants, aesthetically pleasing earrings, they have got your back with this too. There are days when you want to go with complete extravagance. Why don’t you try a crystal ball pen from Swarovski to add extra oomph to your bling?

Yes, you heard it right. These are all available at Kapruka.com. The partnership between Kapruka and Swarovski doesn’t end here. Swarovski also comes with a line of designer watches fitted with Swarovski crystals. At Kapruka.com you can also get this exclusive collection of watches at great prices.

Sri Lanka’s landscape of e-commerce shopping has been shaped by Kapruka.com. Shopping has now become easy, hassle free and accessible to everyone. With the innovative web-development ideas, partnerships with 300 international brands and amazing market research Kapruka has won the hearts of the Sri Lankans. With commendable customer services, interactive shopping experience strategies and exciting price points they have earned them the award of the best e-commerce site of Sri Lanka. The mesmerizing support shown by the Sri Lankans towards their very own household company has helped Kapruka to connect Sri Lanka across the globe.