A Complete Guide to ID Card Accessories


Your identity cards are really going to increase the safety, security and general organisation of your workplace, company or building – but what if you could take all that to the next level? ID card accessories are perfect for upping the ante when it comes to the accessibility, use and durability of your staff or personnel’s cards. Thinking of securing ID card accessories for your company, but not quite sure what’s the best option for you? Read on for a complete guide to finding the right choice for your business…

Card Holders

A card holder is a staple accessory for your ID cards. A flexible plastic holder will ensure that your cards can be safely paired with any of the other accessories listed down below, whilst also protecting them from damage. Daily wear and tear can diminish plastic cards very quickly, so giving them an extra layer of protection will really help to avoid constantly replacing IDs. Maybe your business requires the use of an ID and an access card? A rigid card holder can hold more than one plastic card to make multiple access requirements a breeze, whilst still keeping everything nice and protected.

Clips, Lapels and Pins

Lapels, clips or pins are all a really fantastic, simple way of attaching a card and its holder right onto outerwear, workwear or uniforms. This is the best option if you’re looking for a low-cost solution to presenting staff identity, at all times. These are super convenient however tend to be a little fiddly to remove, so are best saved for workplaces that operate on a staffed security system as opposed to a scanner or reader mechanical system.

Badge reels

Badge reels are a great means of attaching an ID card to staffs’ clothing or uniform whilst also making it possible for the wearer to present, scan or tap their plastic card whenever they like. The pull and release of a reel make it perfect for workplaces that require identification around the clock but also use their ID cards as a means of access control or even time logging. Cards can be accessed and used quickly, snapping back into place with minimal movement or effort from the wearer. Buildings with fast comings and goings really benefit from implementing badge reels into their security systems. Hospitals, airports and busy office buildings are going to get the most out of this incredibly useful ID card accessory, so consider them if you’re running a workplace with a lot of hustle and bustle.


Lanyards are the perfect removable solution for identity card presentation, use and protection. A high quality, tightly woven lanyard is going to make your staff immediately recognisable as they enter the workplace. They can remove their lanyard to scan or tap their card with their accessory still over their neck. Lanyards are removable once in the office or workplace, making them incredibly handy if your staff don’t have to be wearing their IDs all hours of the day. Explore your options for plain, coloured or printed lanyards. You can find options for accessories that read ‘staff” “security” or “visitor” to increase the visual organisation of your business. You can even order yourself customisable printed lanyards that put your logo, slogan or company colours on display. This is a great way to get a little free advertising whilst your staff are out and about.

Now that you’re fully informed on just what’s what in the world of identity card accessories, it’s time to invest in the safety and functionality of your company. Every building benefits from security.