A Complete Online Shopping Guide


After a stressful day at work and a hassle commute, we all want to go home and rest. Some would watch their favourite TV show, while others would browse the internet to look for the things they want to buy, such as a portable air purifier in Singapore. Nonetheless, these two are the leisures most of us do whenever we have free time to spare. It helps them relax and their stress release.

However, the latter is not as easy as most people think. Yes, online shopping is convenient since you would not have to go outside and buy it in person. You could get anything delivered right through your doorsteps. All you need to do is select the item you want and check that out.

Through, how could you be sure your information is safe? That you are getting what you paid for nor what you purchased is indeed worth buying. See, online shopping can be complicated if you think more about it.

So, to keep you safe and your purchases, this article will discuss the common mistakes you should avoid and tips on how you could save more of your money when shopping online. It will also answer some of the questions you probably had in mind.

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Common Mistakes You Might Commit When Shopping Online

It is natural to commit mistakes as a beginner to online shopping, especially when buying electronics like Bluetooth speakers. Hence, you should not worry about too much if you do. Those mistakes you made are part of the learning process.

Besides learning from those mistakes, it would be a good idea for you to know a few, so you could easily avoid them when you shop online. Below are some of the costly online shopping mistakes you better not commit.


Paying with your debit card

Even though it is convenient to pay using a debit card, a credit card is much safer. As you already know, a debit card is more like cash. The minute someone gets a hand of it, your bank account would become empty.

Unlike with a credit card, the credit card company will investigate it for you, so you would not be out of money. As a result, that thief would not get a single dollar from you.

Using a public internet connection

Sure, you can shop thereading glasses you are looking for in Singapore, thanks to the free Wi-Fi your regular coffee shops offer.

However, that is not safe. What you are doing is letting the public internet connection know your retail account password along with your credit card information. In other words, you are giving your valuable details away.

Neglecting to check the return policy

Not checking the return policy is like throwing away your right to return the product when you receive a defect one. Naturally, you would not want that, especially if the item bought cost you a fortune.

That is why make sure you read this information. So, you would know up until when you can give back the item you purchased.

Relying too much on customer reviews

Sure, online reviews are great. You would know what had happened to the last person who bought the item you want to buy. However, how could you trust a random stranger on the internet? How would you know if they are telling the truth?

Just for your information, some reviews are fake. Some shops manipulate it to earn a profit, such as why try not to rely on it too much. Just believe as much, and leave everything to your gut.

Forgetting about the warranty

No matter how excited you are about buying a portable air purifier in Singapore, you better not forget its warranty. This certification is for your protection. In case the product you received had any defect, the seller would replace it with a new one. Or have it repaired if you already use it for quite some time.

Did you notice some mistakes you are guilty of committing in the past? If yes, then hopefully, this list would help you avoid making them in the future when you shop for anything online.


Your Top Questions About Online Shopping, Answered.

Online shopping is indeed convenient. You could buy anything from reading glasses to a Bluetooth speaker, and you could get it wherever you are, with a few taps of your fingertips.

Unfortunately, there are a few who have not tried it yet. So, to enlighten those people, here are the answers to their top questions about online shopping.


Question #1: Do I need an email address when shopping online?

It depends on the store where you want to buy it. However, these days, most shops require their customers to create an account, which usually needs an email address and password.

The reason behind why they want you to have your login is to inform you whenever they are on sale and have a new arrival of their products. Besides, when your email address is already in their system, it would be easier for them to contact you about your orders.

Question #2: How will I know if the online store is safe to shop?

This one is easy, but you have to keep your eyes peeled. So, you would know whether the online store is a safe place to shop.

What you need to look for is a locked padlock sign. You could often find it next to the address bar, where the URL is. You may not have noticed it before, but that icon is there at the upper left corner of your browser.

Well, if you can’t find it, that means that an online store is not a safe place to shop. Keep looking for a trusted platform where you could buy what you are looking for, especially if those are electronics like a transparent speaker.

Question #3: Can I buy at local shops online?

You can, since most local stores nowadays have a shop online. They thought it would be a good idea to have one. So, they could attract more customers and increase their sales.

If you have a particular shop in mind, search their name online. It will show you some results if they need to have a website.

At this point, is there anything you do not understand about online shopping? If there is none, then proceed reading the following. You would find out some tips about how to keep your information safe when you start shopping online.

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How to Keep Your Personal Details Secure When Shopping Online?


When you shop online, you have to keep your details safe so no one would steal them. As you already know, the internet is not a safe place. Once a virus goes through your device, getting your information hacked could happen in a snap. So, reduce that chance from happening by following these tips.


Keep your password private.

The password of your retail account is the key to get your information. That is why your password should not be familiar to the general public like 123456, abc123, qwerty, password, etc. Otherwise, everything about you will get hacked.

Of course, to let not that happen, your password should be unique. It should be alphanumeric or a phrase that only you could remember. Try using a combination of capital and lowercase to create a strong password.

Never overshare on your social media.

Nowadays, people get hacked because they tend to overshare things that are happening in their life. That is why try not to share your full name, let alone your security number online. Post minimal information about yourself, like your nickname as your account name on social media, that, at least, would keep you safe.

Use antivirus software.

Installing antivirus software would keep your devices safe from malware and viruses. As a result, no threats could compromise your details from your devices. Make sure to scan it whenever you are shopping online. That would keep your device virus and malware-free.

Avoid phishing emails.

Even if you are waiting for an update about the new Bluetooth speakers in Singapore, do not carelessly click on any links on the emails you received.

You see, phishing emails are so notorious these days. The moment you click on it, viruses would try to get through the firewall of your computer. When that happens, everything you save inside will get hacked.

Lock up your device.

So, when someone steals it, they would not be able to get your information. Even if that thief did, make sure your device does not have an automatic login. That would prevent them from stealing your details, such as your online bank account.

Read privacy policies.

Even though they are too long and heavy to read, you should still do it. Reading those privacy policies would give you an idea if they are working with a third-party provider or not. You would also find out how they keep your information safe when you buy things from them like a transparent speaker.

Now that you know how to keep your details safe, always follow these tips at all times. So, there will be no chance of you getting hacked, and you can rest assured that nothing will happen with your purchased items.


How to Save Money While Shopping Online?

These days, online stores are becoming more creative in attracting their customers to buy more items. However, you have to outsmart them so you would not keep on spending your hard-earned money. Here, shop wisely with these tips.


Look out for promotions and coupons.

One of the best ways to save money is to get discounts. These are promotions and coupons that the online store offers. They usually give these out when you have been their customer for a long time or recently signed up to their shop.

Nonetheless, having a couple of these would reduce the amount of your purchase. For example, to get free delivery, your order should exceed a certain amount. If you satisfy that, you will get theportable air purifier you want to buy in Singapore without paying the delivery charge.

Learn to compare prices

Comparing prices allows you to weigh which product is much cheaper and worth it to buy. For example, between two types of speaker, is the transparent better than the Bluetooth type? You would know the answer after comparing their specifications after their prices.

Shop at the right time

Even if it is tempting to buy the fashion glasses because it is so pretty, you have to control yourself. Most online stores offer deals on the least expected days. So, try to wait for it so you could get it at the lowest possible price. Use your phone to set a reminder so you would not forget to purchase the item.

Leave items in your shopping cart

Leaving the items in your shopping cart does not mean you would not want to buy. You are only setting it aside to think things through. That way, you would not make impulsive purchases.

This trick works when you have an account. So, consider creating one if you are not that sure if you want to buy the item right away. Leaving it there will give you more time to think about whether it is worth it.

With these tips in mind, your savings would not leave out your bank account. You could also control your expenses as well as the things you want to buy.


Are You Ready to Shop Online?

It is okay if you are not yet ready to shop online. Just remember, once you decide to buy anything on the internet, be smart with your purchases. Follow the tips and tricks mentioned above before you start shopping! It will help you save a lot of money on the items you want to purchase.

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