A Comprehensive Guide on the Kinds of PPE Items and Its Uses

Personal Protective Equipment, also known as PPE, has become one of the most critical objects during the COVID-19 pandemic. With the spread of the COVID019 virus all over the world, the demand for PPE items like face masks and non-latex gloves increased rapidly.

The coronavirus predominantly spreads through contact with respiratory droplets that can travel 1 meter from the infected patient. PPE serves as a barricade and keeps these infected respiratory droplets from coming in contact with our skin.

Personal Protective Equipment can be any kind of hardware, garment, or tool that has been designed to protect us from viruses and microbes. Before the COVID-19 pandemic hit the world, PPEs were mostly used by healthcare professionals only while working in hospitals and clinics. Furthermore, caregivers and patients admitted or visiting the hospital were also required to wear these PPE items to stay safe.

The coronavirus outbreak, however, has made it mandatory for one and all to don on the PPE items for personal and public safety.

Why Use Personal Protective Equipment in Our Day-to-Day Lives?

PPE items like individually wrapped face masks, non-latex gloves, face shields, safety goggles, hair net, and many more come with the following functions.

  1. As mentioned before, a PPE item serves as a protective barrier between our body and the virus or microbe. Thus, these tools protect us from coming into contact with these germs while touching or breathing in common areas.
  2. Apart from protecting us, the PPE items also restrict the infected patients from spreading the virus around. For instance, if a COVID-19 infected person wearing a face mask sneezes or coughs in the public space, the PPE will stop the respiratory droplets from spreading. Thus, wearing masks by both parties – infected and non-infected – is how we can stop community transmission during a pandemic.
  3. Proper supply of PPE items will not only help healthcare workers but will also help the general public to go about their daily life during the pandemic. This is one of the major functions of PPEs as situations like the COVID-19 pandemic forces people to face tough choices between protecting their lives and earning a livelihood by going out.

Different Types of PPE Essential During the COVID-19 Pandemic

Individually Wrapped Face Masks:

Face masks are the most essential and commonly used PPE and it can be divided into various categories. These include medical masks, disposable masks, reusable masks, medical masks, custom-made masks, athletic masks, and many more. Before buying a face mask, it is thus important to conduct proper research to determine which type of mask you need.

For example, if you are a sportsperson, it would do you no good to buy a disposable face mask. It would be better if you opt for an athletic mask for smooth physical activity without feeling breathless.

If you are looking for facemasks to go about your day-to-day activities, healthcare professionals strongly recommend opting for individually wrapped face masks made in FDA approved manufacturing units. Buy these face masks in packs of ten or fifty for your employees and customers and create a safe space for everyone to conduct business.

Non-Latex Gloves:

Non-latex, powder-free gloves are one of the most requested PPE items in the food and beverage industry or in any other businesses where the glove turnover is very high. These long-lasting non-latex gloves are also used by healthcare professionals all over the world.

Since the outbreak of the coronavirus pandemic, restaurants and other establishments associated with the food and beverage industry has been bulk buying these gloves to protect customers and employees alike. After face masks, non-latex gloves are probably the second-highest demanded PPE supply by the healthcare industry.

Sanitizes And Sanitizing Wipes:

Keep your mouth and nose covered and your hands clean. This was the one essential mantra that was repeated over and over again during the COVID-19 outbreak. Liquid sanitizers and sanitizing wipes, thus, became another important PPE tool to combat the pandemic.

The most effective sanitizers must contain at least 70 percent alcohol as it helps in eradicating germs and microbes. However, sanitizers with 80 percent alcohol content highly effective in eliminating the virus in less than 30 seconds.

In Conclusion:

While there are numerous PPE items in the market, the three mentioned above have been instrumental in stopping the spread of coronavirus all over the world. Not only COVID, the face masks, non-latex gloves, and sanitizers also offer protection against a number of other microbes and viruses.

Businesses all over the state have been bulk ordering these PPE items since the lockdown has been eased partially. Keep your employees and customers safe with high-quality products.