A Fun Choice for An Anniversary Celebration

Couples who are celebrating their anniversary may want to try something different. Many couples enjoy a meal and a fun activity to celebrate each new year of their marriage. Dinner theater may provide them with a great opportunity to experience a new challenge together and solve the murder.

Booking Your Tickets and Reservations

The dinner theater offers easy-to-use reservation options for all guests, and they can book their tickets and reservations via the service provider’s website. The theater provides details about showtimes and the admission costs. It is recommended that patrons consider booking their reservations well ahead of time. The theater offers limited shows each month on Saturdays, and the theater is popular. To celebrate a fun anniversary, couples need to get their tickets while they last.

An Anniversary Celebration At the Le Meridien Hotel

In San Francisco, couples can celebrate their anniversary at the Le Meridien Hotel, and they will enjoy a murder mystery night together. The theater offers a variety of mysteries that provide clues and backstories.

All mysteries are set in modern-day times, and the patrons will not have to worry that they cannot understand old-world languages that can become confusing. The modern mysteries offer the couple a fun night out at a beautiful location. They can work together to figure out the latest mystery as they celebrate another year of their marriage.

A Four-Course Meal for the Lovely Couple

The couple enjoys a four-course meal for their anniversary in San Francisco. They start their meal with crudité and a mixed green salad. They have the choice between pan-roasted chicken, baked salmon, and baked polenta. Each new event offers a surprise dessert selected by the chef. All guests can request hot tea or coffee that is served upon request. The four-course meal is served in stages to give the couple plenty of time to eat each course at their leisure. Couples who are celebrating their anniversary can get started by visiting The Dinner Detective now.

Discover The Latest Murder Mystery

At the beginning of the night, the couple will enjoy the backstory for the current murder mystery. The cast starts the tale by explaining each character. The backstory gives the audience a point of reference when trying to solve the case. They can review details about each character and examine every piece of the mystery as new clues are revealed.

Choose Your Favorite Theme

When reviewing their options, the couple can choose from different murder mystery nights and find the story that interests them the most. The theater offers three or more shows each month. Couples can select the mystery they prefer and book their reservations accordingly.

Couples who are celebrating a new anniversary could choose a unique experience by booking their tickets at the local dinner theater. Instead of a musical performance, the dinner theater offers a new and intriguing murder mystery. The couple can enjoy a delicious meal while unravelling a modern-day murder together. Couples can find out more about the dinner theater by booking their reservations today.