A guide for Expired Domains


The first step when anyone wants to start blogging is to select a domain, and it is a cumbersome task if a mistake is made on the initial stage. There are different domains and three different ways how to find high quality expired domains:

  1. Buying a New domain: It is the strategy opted by many people to start on a clean board.
  2. Buying an existing one: It could be an expensive one specifically when a website is assigned to it. It could be an appealing option, but it should be chosen carefully.
  3. Using an Expired or deleted one: This method is followed by many bloggers/ marketers, and it has the highest success rate. It is a cheap option and also gives the benefit of SEO. 

Backlinking done by the previous owner can help to get a kick start and highest ratings.

Every domain is sold with a contract in which its validity period is mentioned, and it is required to renew the contract. The domain is declared as expired if it is not renewed and it appears in the expired domain list for other buyers.

Merits of buying an expired domain:

  1. Target Organic Traffic

It takes months to bring the audience to a blog or a website, and old domains already have a flock of visitors which can save time and efforts on digital promotion of a new website. The website setup process is already done for the domain.

  1. Microsite creation

Any user who wants to create a separate web page or a collection of webpages can use an old domain, which allows working on a website without affecting other components, helps to increase brand value and to gain high rank on SERPs.

  • Website network building

Networks such as Private blog network, these kinds of expired domains provide strong backlinking which ultimately increase the current citation index and page rank.

  • Old website recovery

An expired domain is a useful resource for restoration, even the highly reputed website may fail if the owner makes no investments for maintenance.

5 Ways to Find Expired Domain Names:

  1. Click on Keywords: Use the relevant keywords based on the content and the software can find the domain names automatically by using links that are currently ranked high by SERPs for entered keywords.
  2. Hunt websites: Search specific websites to find the expired domains they linked to. Domains can be found by using Wikipedia or New York Times etc.
  3. Auction Hunter: By using the keywords, it can search eight expired domain marketplaces and relevant important data analytics.
  4. Web 2.0: Expired domains are available at web 2.0 domains from 20 web 2.0 platforms.
  1. Reverse Search: A domain can be used as an input, and the software can search all the backlinks to that domain and scan these domains for suitability. It can also help to show the competitor’s domain, which can help to adopt some technical strategies.


Go to James Scholes website  to know more in-depth by following the link: http://www.james-scholes.com/ .Building authority sites and private blog network are the major benefits offered by expired domains and save time, costs, and tons of efforts, which is required to start everything from scratch.