a guide to buying a coffee table

When you think of living area furniture, the priority should always go to the sofas – they are usually the larger pieces and the most practical. However, a close second will be the coffee table, and this is not always an easy choice. There are a lot of different kinds on the market, after all, and picking the right one for you and your needs is not always straightforward. For all décor ideas including coffee tables and sofas, visit Domayne.

What kind of table do I really need?

It is important to make a distinction between two different kinds of coffee tables. Figuring out which one you need most will allow you to narrow down your choices significantly. They are:

Living area coffee table – it is more formal and is used mostly when there are visitors or when there is an occasion. It could be more stylish than practical, and often glass is used. Style is more important than function.

Family room coffee table – it is going to be used a lot, and it should be able to withstand some abuse. Functionality is more important than style.

Is it a centrepiece?

It often is – but so is the rug, or the sofa. Do you want to draw attention to it? If you want it to stand out, make sure you pay special attention to at least two of the following: style, materials, colour, or size.

How should it serve me?

Will you rest your feet on it? Will its house magazines or albums? Will it support your snacks? This is a common problem for most households. Coffee tables are a difficult decision to make in that case. Depending on the size of your living room and whether you have a chaise or ottoman attached to your sofa, the coffee table may become the footrest. Choosing a sofa like this Avellino sofa bed from Domayne could be ideal for a coffee table

What is the best size and shape?

Measure the available area carefully. Ideally, it has the same height as the surrounding seating furniture. The higher the table the less likely you will be able to put your feet up. If you are living with friends, it may not matter as much – but if you are setting up your family home, the last thing you may want is your child’s feet on the table, so it’s important to think wisely.

What materials do I like?

You should either match or severely contrast with the materials around it. In case of doubt, match. Hurried decisions are most always regrettable – you should consider the coffee table as a very important piece of furniture in your home, and it requires a lot of thought and consideration. It is an investment, after all, and the right coffee table could end up serving you for years and years – if not decades – to come. Take your time to look around and be methodical. That perfect coffee table for you is out there.