A Guide to Buying the Most Important Automotive Tools for Working on New Cars

Working on your own is a therapeutic process. Not only does it saves you money on repairs, but it is also a healthy practice that every car owner must engage in. What if your car breaks down at the middle of the night with no help available? Every car owner must have a basic understanding of how his/her vehicle functions. However, becoming a car repair mechanic is not easy. It takes a lot of patience to do what skilled auto mechanics do. To start off, you need to have access to some essential automotive tools. Here are a few tools that every garage must have –

Socket Set

A socket set is a multipurpose and handy collection of automotive tools that give car owners the flexibility to deal with different types of situations. Packed with fasteners, wrenches and ratchet spanners of all sizes, these tools can be used on various nuts and bolts. Socket sets are packaged as a single case full of interchangeable attachments, socket sets are very easy to use. Most of the equipment found in these sets have a quick-change functionality which makes using differently sized attachments very easy. A must-have for your garage, socket sets are the most commonly used automotive tools for fixing Australian cars.

Screwdriver Set

A screwdriver set is a must-have both for your house and garage. However, to work on your car engine’s complex electric structure, you need to possess a wide variety of screwdrivers. Get a comprehensive set that consists of bigger flat-headed screwdrivers to serve as a prying tool, and the tiny screwdrivers subtle enough for fixing your carbonator’s wiring structure.

Work Light

Another must-have for your garage is a work light. Sometimes, you may need to flash this torch in your front engine cabinet to discover what is wrong. You should also carry one of these lights in your car trunk at all times. In case your new cars break down, they can come in very handy. Buy and LED work light because they offer brighter lights.

Set of Pliers

Be it installing a new stereo set or rewiring the headlights, some things you just cannot do without pliers. A diverse collection of pliers of several sizes is a must. One of the most frequently bought automotive tools in Australia, pliers usually come in a set with wire cutters and strippers.

These are the few must-have tools every car owner needs. There’s no more need to call the repair centre for every little problem. With these tools, you can fix your own car!