A Guide toGet Your Court-Ordered Alcohol Evaluation

The purpose of Drug and Alcohol Assessment, what they require, and consequences of failing to complete a mandatory evaluation. A substance abuse evaluation helps to measure the level of addiction in a person. They also create an effective treatment plan that can meet the specific needs of a person. This helps to ensure for those individuals and have the chance for a successful recovery.

The certified state agency substance evaluation, the overall purpose, process, assessments, and treatments tend to be uniform. Here are some examples of circumstances in which Court Ordered Alcohol Evaluation may be required:

  • Arrested for possession of drugs or alcohol.
  • Disorderly conduct.
  • Public alcoholism.
  • Using a false Identity
  • Minor possession.

Purpose Behind Drug Treatment Evaluation

The substance abuse evaluation detects the possible presence and the extent of the drug and alcohol problem. It also allows the development of the treatment plan and addresses a person’s specific problem. Some of these important points of the purpose of the substance abuse evaluation.

  • It determines if an individual has a drug or alcohol addiction.
  • It assesses the level of severity of the substance use.
  • To discover any co-occurring condition including physical and mental health.
  • It measures the extent to the substance use and affects an individual’s life.
  • They provide an overview of the person and their circumstances so that they can treat them the best as suits their recovery needs.

Process of Drug Treatment Evaluation

The process of Drug Treatment Evaluationincludestwo separate sections: screening and assessment. A Court Ordered Alcohol Evaluation will generally consist of a detailed interview with a treatment provider. The treatment provider will review the history of the person regarding the substance use and many more essential things.

  • Screening: It is a tool to assess substance use and is one of several tools that can help to identify further evaluation. Only the qualified professional should analyze the result of all screening and assessments. The purpose of screening evaluation is to look for:

o   the specific type of substance like drug or alcohol.

o   the existence of substance use disorder.

o   Help to prevent the onset of addiction.

  • Assessment: This part of the Drug Treatment Evaluation process is more detailed and mainly based on the screening results. A person will answer questions to identify the exact nature of their substance use. The assessment is complete once a substance use has been identified and other mental health conditions.

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