Achieve Tighter and Vibrant Skin without Surgery

Do you seek to tighten your skin and scrap years from your look? If so, you should know that surgery is not your only alternative. You may still smooth out wrinkles and lines from your skin in a simple, innovative procedure. If you consider Skin Tightening in Arlington, you should look no further than Advanced Plastic Surgery Center. The practice uses cutting-edge treatments to restore your skin’s resilience and strength, reducing sagging and fine lines to withstand the test of time.

What is Skin tightening?

At Advanced Plastic Surgery Center, skin tightening is a non-surgical aesthetic treatment that aims to tighten your skin and erase the visible signs of aging. Elastin and collagen are supportive proteins that make your skin resilient, smooth, soft, and healthy. However, as time goes on, their production decreases, leading to lines, sagging skin, and creases.

Luckily, with medical advancements, you may yet restore a more youthful appearance without necessarily undergoing surgery. Advanced Plastic Surgery Center, an innovative plastic and cosmetic surgery practice, uses cutting-edge Venus Freeze™ and Ultherapy® procedures to tighten your skin.

What is Venus Freeze?

Venus Freeze refers to an innovative tool that joins radiofrequency energy with pulsed electromagnetic fields to tighten your skin and restore its youthfulness. The energy emanating from Venus Freeze gently heats the tissue under your skin, boosting collagen and elastin production to bring desirable results.

Venus Freeze skin tightening is a painless cosmetic treatment that takes less than an hour. You may notice some skin redness after treatment. However, these side effects fade within a couple of hours after your treatment, hence, minimal downtime. Your skin specialist at Advanced Plastic Surgery Center might recommend 6-8 weekly sessions for the best possible results.

What is Ultherapy?

Ultherapy is an FDA-approved non-invasive therapy used by Advanced Plastic Surgery Center’s specialists to tighten loose skin around your face, neck, chin, and chest areas. Ultherapy applies ultrasound energy to encourage collagen production to tighten your skin, restoring its youthful look.

Depending on the target area, skin tightening with Ultherapy may take up to ninety minutes with varying comfort levels. Your team discusses your expectations during treatment before commencing, making relevant adjustments to ensure your comfort throughout your treatment. Although you may experience skin redness, you will not need recovery time after treatment, and a single session is adequate for skin tightening effects.

How Long Should I Wait to Witness Skin Tightening Results?

You may not see the results of your skin tightening procedure immediately after treatment. Elastin and collagen production are systematic and may last 2-6 months to witness visible results. Skin tightening treatment results at Advanced Plastic Surgery Center are longer-lasting compared to other players.

Other Services

Besides skin tightening, your specialists at Advanced Plastic Surgery Center also offer various other treatments, including:

  •       Body contouring
  •       Brazilian butt lift
  •       Breast augmentation
  •       Breast lift
  •       Arm lift
  •       Botox
  •       CoolSculpting
  •       Browlift
  •       Breast reduction
  •       Fillers
  •       Laser Resurfacing
  •       Lip lift
  •       Eyelid surgery
  •       Neck lift
  •       Liposuction
  •       Nose surgery
  •       Thigh lift
  •       Mommy makeover

Modern inventions have made it possible for you to look as good as you feel regardless of your age. To get started on your skin tightening journey, contact the cosmetic specialists at Advanced Plastic Surgery Center on the phone or use the online scheduling tool.