Acupuncture Enhances Fertility

Lifestyle choice has an unexpected but huge impact on our bodies, generally, in everyday life. As modern citizens our daily schedules are often crammed, and we have little if any windows of opportunity for simple downtime, relaxation, chilling and brain-dumping. Add to this the pressures of working life; chasing deadlines, performance expectations, pressure to perform better and it’s no surprise that as a species our lives are stressful and our bodies find ways to cope with this new normal.

Now, translate that scenario to a young couple who are looking to have a family and are planning the whole process down to the nth degree so that it fits in with their plans and dreams. What could possibly go wrong?!

All too often our bodies are so stressed that they are a long way from the optimal state required to conceive. Both women and men suffer infertility through adverse strain on the body. A stressed biological system is unprepared to generate healthy sperm or ripen optimally fertile eggs, all of which contributes to reduced chances of successful pregnancy and childbirth. All of that said, it is generally not the obvious conclusion made by a couple in this predicament, who might instead blame one another or start looking for answers in the wrong places. Stress in-fact compounds problems by preventing the release of hormones in the brain, which, over longer periods of time can affect its neurochemical balance. With the brain being a finely-balanced organism, just small changes in hormone levels can affect the pituary balance, which is considered fundamental to the success of the human reproductive cycle.

A great starting point is to begin to de-stress, de-clutter your schedule and to take things easy. Practise yoga, take long walks in fresh air, indulge in yourself. In tandem with this, a great accompaniment for Australians to have experienced acupuncture for fertility Brisbane practitioners of Japanese medicine, which includes acupuncture as a long-standing discipline, will start by assessing the couple’s lifestyles, in order to identify the problem areas and then make suggestions about where improvements might be worked upon. Often also including scientific diagnostics such as blood testing and x-rays to help build a complete picture of what is going on, a good acupuncturist can recommend a course of treatments which subsequently help to rebuild and optimise the bodies ability to create healthy sperm and eggs, and even after a short period of time, to conceive naturally.

As testimony to this fact, Acupuncture is also used by IVF clinics to help counteract the traumatic side effects of fertilisation procedures. It is therefore regarded as a complimentary natural way of helping to solve conception problems and is a fabulous stress-relieving activity which can successfully counteract the stresses associated with the related invasive procedures. Ultimately as a stress reducer, acupuncture is considered a great natural way to overcome problems with fertility in both sexes.