Affordable Ways To Survive The Heat This Summer



With summer just around the corner and a few hot days already having us reveal more skin than we have for a while, thinking about how we’re going to survive the hot summer heat is already pressing on our minds. Summer can be an expensive time, particularly for those who have budgets to manage, so saving every dollar counts. The problem here is that it’s often difficult to know where all of these savings can be made, so to help out we’re going to provide a few great tips to get you started in this article – soon you’ll be cooler than ever while saving more money than ever before!

Keeping your house cooler

If you’re up to your ears in credit card debt and bad credit loans in Melbourne and are looking to save money wherever possible, implementing a lot of little summertime hacks is one of the best ways to go about it. If you’re concerned about cranking up the air-conditioner (or perhaps if you don’t even have an air-conditioner), you might be surprised to know that you can get a similar amount of cooling power out of your humble fan. Although you might be used to it just blowing around hot air, if you place a bucket filled with ice water in front of the fan, it can actually help move quite a lot of cool air around your room, and if you have a window open you can force all of the hot air out! Another source of unnecessary heat during summer occurs through cooking – although hot foods are often not on the top of everyone’s agenda when it comes to summertime, using your oven on particularly hot days can make your whole house go from uncomfortable to intolerable. Even if you want to make some cookies or muffins to later on, it’s usually better to wait until the heat becomes a little bit less intense.

Making the most of water

Although cold showers are a great way to cool off, having cold showers constantly is not very practical, particularly if you’re hot during the night. In order to have cooler sleeps through the night, it’s a good idea to apply damp cloths to pressure points in your body that will most effectively cool you down the fastest. Areas like your wrists and the back of your neck are ideal places for cool clothes or icepacks, and you’ll be able to have much more comfortable sleeps without roasting the night away as a result. Something that many people overlook is also the need to stay hydrated throughout warm summer days – staying hydrated all of the time helps your body regulate temperature significantly, plus giving yourself all that water is helpful for a range of other important biological processes, so it’s very much a win-win!

Keeping cool isn’t as difficult as you might think

Sometimes staying hot all summer is simply due to not understanding what makes you and your house hot – even closing the curtains and blinds feels counter-intuitive to some people, particularly as it doesn’t permit all of the glorious light that summer offers (despite this light also meaning considerable heat). Even if you keep your curtains closed during the hottest hours of the day, you’ll be able to save huge amounts on your electricity bill every summer.