Albuquerque film director making a new Documentary, on the death of Prince.


  • Producer/Director Benjamin Jimerson-Phillips is directing the historical ground breaking documentary, on the death of Prince.
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ALBUQUERQUE, New Mexico – Sept. 2, 2020 – Award-winning filmmaker

Award-winning  Albuquerque filmmaker Benjamin  Jimerson-Phillips, is directing the explosive documentary regarding the death music superstar


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Benjamin Jimerson-Phillips

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Prince, who  died  in  2016  of  an   overdose  six  days  after  his  airplane made  an  emergency landing  at  Quad   City International  Airport  and  he  was  treated  at  a Moline hospital.

Jimerson-Phillips   is   gathering  data  and  compiling interviews for  his  latest documentary film,    “A  Royal Loss:    The Prince Truth   Documentary,”  which will look at the investigation  of Prince’s death at         age 57.

Presenting never-before-seen interviews with  law enforcement and  medical  experts, as well  as  friends, collaborators and others close to  Prince, “A Royal   Loss” paints an   “accurate, intimate portrait of  the late  musician’s  private  life, while  challenging the rumors and misinformation that  continue to   surround  his April  21, 2016,  death,” according  to  a  news   release.  Stating:  “It’s  been 4 years,  and  no one     has been  held responsible, or  even  complicit in  Prince’s  death… Someone  had to  supply him    the ‘fake’ pharmaceuticals”.

According to an  summary  of  the  planned film, Prince had  enough fentanyl  in  his system to kill  8,000  men, yet  we’re   led   to  believe it  was an accident?” Jimerson-Phillips said:    “Members    of    Prince’s   own  Family believes he was murdered, and  that the  investigation  into  his  death  was botched”.

Jimerson-Phillips, ad   been  previously  hired   by  Prince’s brother Omarr Baker, to also   direct  a  documentary for his  PRNFamily     (Prince  Rogers Nelson Family) project.  So   his insight  with    Prince and his Family is strong.  In  addition, during the  early 90’s Jimerson-Phillips,ntraveled with  Prince alumni Denise Matthews aka  Vanity.

Jimerson-Phillips has compiled  84,000 documents,  interviews, video and photos, “literally a  mountain  of evidence  indicating  suspicious circumstances, and  possible foul play” according to the summary.

The independent film has  been independently funded by fans     through GoFundMe; & a screening  is planned a  Nov/Dec. 2020, release (for donors  and media only)  in Minneapolis, Los Angeles and New   York, according to a spokeswoman. Medics  from the Moline  Fire Department   saved  Prince’ life when his airplane made  an emergency  landing at  the Q-C Airport on  April  15, 2016.  Say he  was  unresponsive,   according to records and reports,  and  medics administered two shots  of  the  emergency overdose drug naloxone  to bring him back.

A wrongful-death  lawsuit brought  by his estate against Trinity Medical Center, the attending emergency room physician and  parent company UnityPoint Health accused them   of failing  to “timelyand      appropriately  diagnose and  treat opiate overdose,”along  with  failing  to”timely and appropriately investigate the  cause  of opiate overdose” and failing  to offer related counseling, the lawsuit states.

Carver County            (Chahassen,   MN),   court   docket            shows that     claims were    dismissed       in            August            2019   against            Walgreens,     which  filled    prescriptions for       Prince,            and            the      medical           center.            They    were    followed         by        dismissals      in         November            of         claims against            Dr.       Michael          Schulenberg,  who     prescribed      painkillers      to            an        associate        of         Prince (Kirk    Johnson)         knowing         they    were    intended         for            the      musician,        according       to        the      Star     Tribune           in         Minneapolis.


Interest  in the  project  is high, and Jimerson-Phillips states, he  has even received enquiry from Amazon Officials,  about  them distributing  the documentary.

Anyone   who wishes to schedule  a meeting with   Jimerson-Phillips should email

Jimerson-Phillips has numerous film and television projects to his credit, including, work with Oscar and Emmy Nominated Actors, and a successful television series “5th Ward” witch stars recording artist Mya, on the UMC Network, which is in its second season.

A Royal Loss: The Prince Truth Documentary is slated for limited release Nov/Dec, 2020. Their GoFundMe page is: