All About Birthday Cakes

In Singapore, every birthday celebration should have a cake. Besides, many delivery services are now available for cakes and pastries, thus it is easy to get a hold of your favourite birthday cake. However, have you ever wondered why you need to buy a cake on a birthday?

Keep on reading to know how the tradition of preparing a birthday cake started and learn how to choose the right cake for your loved one’s birthday. 

History of Birthday Cakes

There are many origins of birthday cakes. One of which was from the Ancient Greeks. It all started when the devout believers thought of giving tribute to the goddess, Artemis. Instead of just holding a grand celebration where there would be parties, it would also be appropriate to make a cake. A moon-shaped cake to be exact since Artemis is associated with the moon. 

The Ancient Greeks also had the idea of putting a candle on the cake. To imitate the illuminating appearance of the moon, the Greeks decided to put a candle on the moon cake. Moreover, the act of lighting the candle and blowing it afterwards is a means of relaying prayers and wishes to the goddess, Artemis. The smoke from a blown candle is believed to be the people’s wishes. 

The birthday cake also originated from the Germans. It was during the 18th century that they started baking cakes to celebrate the birthday of a child. There was even a name invented for this occasion, and it’s called “Kinderfeste”. Unlike the Ancient Greeks, the candle that comes along with the cake does not carry the prayers of the people. Instead, the candle is used to represent the age of the child. There is also a tradition in which an extra candle would be added on the cake. This symbolises the hope that the child would live for another year. Because of this, it was even called the “light of life”. 

However, the candle should not be blown until dinner. This means that no one should eat the cake too. These traditions were almost similar to modern birthdays, except that nowadays, the birthday celebrant would blow the cake right before the celebration starts. 

Before, birthday cakes were only a loaf of bread. Only during the 17th century did cakes become sweeter, and were made into a dessert.  However, the dessert-like cakes were only available to wealthy families as the ingredients were too expensive back then. Birthday cakes became affordable during the 18th century because this was when the industrial revolution happened. During this time, a large variety of cakes were made by local bakeries. Some would even allow customers to customise their chosen cakes. 

Nowadays, birthday celebrations are pretty much the same as before. You invite friends and close relatives, arrange some fun activities and prepare a cake. The only difference is that many bakeshops are now offering deliveryservices for their birthday cakes. It’s more convenient than ever before. You do not have to go to the bakery personally to buy a cake. You can order it right away from an online cake shop, and they will deliver it right at your doorstep. 

How to Choose a Birthday Cake Online 

Once you visit an online cake shop, you would surely come across different types of birthday cakes. Moreover, there are other pastries that you could buy to add to your menu. It is truly overwhelming to choose from a lot of cake variants. 

To make it easier to choose a birthday cake, here are some of the things you should keep in mind:

  • Consider the Birthday Celebrant’s FavouriteColour or Flavour

This is the easiest way on how you can choose the right birthday cake. If you know the celebrant well, then you wouldn’t have a difficult time choosing a cake for him. You can just take into consideration their preferences. Ask them what they like and what flavour you should avoid. Remember that this is his special day, so you have to give him what he wants. 

  • Match it with the Theme of the Birthday Party

For sure, you have come up with a theme if you are the ones who organised the party. So, to make things simpler, you just have to look for a birthday cakethat matches the theme of the party. Make things look coordinated to make the party look organised in pictures. 

  • Consider the Number of Attendees

If you are hosting a birthday party, then you have to make sure that everyone gets to eat the cake. It would be unfair if others wouldn’t get their fair share of the cake. So, aside from your budget, consider the size of the cake. 

  • Look for a Trustworthy Patisserie in Singapore

For sure, you would come across different patisseries in Singapore, but you are not sure which you should buy from. Even though their website looks promising, don’t make a decision hastily and try to do some research about them first. Read reviews. Ask for your friends’ suggestions. Some of your friends may have ordered a birthday cake from an online cake shopbefore. Remember that relying on word-of-mouth is especially useful if you have no experience in online ordering before. 

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